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Tamarod aims to ban US aid and cancel Camp David peace treaty - Daily News Egypt

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Tamarod aims to ban US aid and cancel Camp David peace treaty

New campaign "to revive national sovereignty"

The Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign joined the Emna’

Tamarod announced it would spearhead a campaign to promote awareness of the upcoming constitutional process (Photo by Aaron T Rose)
Tamarod  founders
(Photo by Aaron T Rose)

Maouna (Ban the Aid) campaign to stop the US aid to Egypt, on Saturday, according to their official website.

Tamarod said this is in response for the unacceptable US interference in Egyptian political affairs, and their support for terrorist groups.

Tamarod issued another statement on their website, entitled, No to Aid, in which they demanded that the Egyptian regime hold a referendum banning US aid, cancelling the 1979 Camp David peace treaty with Israel and rewording security-related treaties to allow Egypt to secure its borders.

The Tamarod campaign, which played a major role in the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi, stated that these actions are aimed at reviving national sovereignty, “after it was broken for many years.”

Mai Wahba, Tamarod’s media coordinator, said the campaign will gather signatures from the people, as the primary method to push for the referendum. She added that there is no timeframe for the campaign yet.

State-owned Al-Ahram reports that the Emna Maouna campaign started on 1 August, and was responsible for the electronic occupation of US President Barack Obama’s Facebook page.

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  • aalamin

    Great thing, refuse the US money.
    Also, refuse the IMF and Saudi/UAE/Kuwait money as well.
    An honorable nation is not a nation of beggars, or worse, someone who sells his soul and religion for money.
    Egypt was an honorable nation, but with the recent killings of civilian protesters, I think it is not so honorable anymore.

  • sam enslow

    I too note that Saudi money is OK. Of course, there are no strings attached to it. Money from everywhere – ruled by a king or dictator. No one notices that pattern? Of course nothing can be said against Saudis because they may send Egyptian workers home.
    If Egypt wants to be independent, let Tamarod and others come up with a plan to reorganize the country and clean up and reform the government to make Egypt a prosperous nation and stop blaming everyone else for Egypt’s problems. NO one has addressed the causes oif the 25 January Revolution. NO one has suggested any goals or plan to develope a strong Egypt. As long as Egypt goes around with a tin cup begging rather than developing assets, including the people of Egypt, it will always be forced to pay attention to all the others who write the checks. It is still blame someone else. When Egyptians take responsibility and face their problems, they will be on the road to once again being the richest nation in the Middle East. The national pride Tamarod seeks will only come from real accomplishments – not empty, chest pounding rhetoric.
    Egyptians need people who want to “govern” – not “rule” Egypt.
    It may be easy to blame others. But that lead to the current mess. I find this”blaming of others” to be an insult to the people of Egypt. It says they have no minds or the ability to evaluate suggestions and select some while rejecting others. It says the Egyprtian people are too ignorant and stupid to think for themselves.
    When Morsy was elected, he was supported by all those who signed the Fairmont Agreement, including 6 April. Those who signed went around saying the US supported Shafiq. No that they do not like Morsy, he was only elected by the US. Egyptians seem to do anything but admit that they made a mistake.Many who voted for Morsy said they did so because the “two elephants must fight”. They have been proven right. By the way, from where did Tamarod get its money?
    Yell and blame the US and everyone else all you want, but while doing so prepare for the “Revolution of the hungry and hopless” If that happens, “You will have seen nothing yet.” None of the demands of the 25 January Revolution have even been discussed. Those who first went to Tahrir expected to die and believed they were already dead. They still feel that way.
    I loved Egyptians during the 18 Days of the 25 January Revolution. It is a shame the snakes came back into power. During the revolution, Egyptians acted in ways that resembled men proud and in love with Egypt. They were honortable and good people. They were ignored.

  • DAMNtoMilitaryrule

    Oh really! Again and again I said Tamarod=anti democracy
    For them is just decide and will be back by army and it is done.
    Time is running out to you. Come down and be realistic if not you put already Egypt in the path of civil war. That can take years you will be judge in ICC. If your 25 millions you get from Arabia is making you like drunker soon or later you will vomit it.

  • Sabat

    The logic of the power game is that the coup leaders will eventually arrest the founders of the Tamarod once they have served their purpose. I suggest they run for their lives now lest they are killed and the blame put on MB. That is one possible scenario to extend their usefulness. Strange justice for what they have done for no other purpose than just being idiots.
    As for those who replace the founders, the day will come when they have outlived their utility to the de facto authorities.

  • Ahmed Bata

    Lol exit stage left another movement handing in their sanity. Is there anyone left worthy of support…only democracy, but this time please put in a constitutional article for presidential recall by popular referendum.

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  • SquidProQuo

    I am American and a Catholic. If we remove aid from Egypt… We should d the same for Israel. The Israelis no longer represent a decent and good country.

    • elderlyfox

      If you believe in and worship an unseen, unheard deity and worship a dead human on 2 pieces of wood, (who was of ‘virgin’ birth, and this birth pointed out by a star that ‘stopped and spoke’, that human who came to life after death, then ascended to ‘heaven’), then I am not interested in your opinions.

      • SquidProQuo

        Actually, I believe in the basic tenets of a christianity. Do unto others… As for the sky creature stuff… Well… I put it in the same class as the Easter Bunny and Santa.

      • Jane Seymour

        Your comment to SquidProQuo was totally inappropriate with no relationship to the article, whatsoever! For sure your not a Muslim, as they respect the three books. Your comment is very impertinent, and this is the sort of attitude that causes division in any society!

    • Hazel Gillett

      my guess is you are, in fact, an undercover mudslime!

      • SquidProQuo

        And what ‘mudslimer’, I ask, would know about the Easter Bunny??

        The reality is that Israel no longer represents value to the US. During the cold war, they were a stable ally that would act consistently in times of trouble. Remember… the Soviets were damn close and held a knife to the US oil jugular. The Israelis now are simply thugs who take billions in aid and do not allow one US service member to be stationed on their soil. Their human rights abuses (Palistinians) are going beyond what even our ‘Special Relationship’ can justify. There is remarkably little upside in our continued support of Israel. Unless, of course, you put value in their lobbying efforts in Wash. DC

  • Brotherhood Intellectual

    This is a tactial error on the part of tamarod. The reason that they own the Sanai is because of the Camp David accord. The reason there has been border peace for a long time is because of the Camp David accord. I don’t think that Egyptians are going to like this petition. If the Egyptians break camp David then the Israelis will have reason to take back the Sanai. And how stupid would it be for the Egytians to start a war where they can only lose something.

  • Mario Leli

    Egypt like every country has but one purpose which is to serve the jews as told in OT

    • Pellam

      Is you definition of serving the Jews being at peace with them?

  • SixSixSix

    The aid is not highly significant in a tangible way, but it does represent a will to cooperate. Either side breaks it at risk of deeper troubles. Idiots in Egypt or in Congress would do well to consider, once you cancel aid, then you have lost all leverage, even symbolic leverage. Why at a time like this would you want to do that? The Tea Party may blindly hate Obama, but supporting Sharia Law and Militant Islamic policies shows just how bankrupt they have become. Of course the Tea Party is the American equivalent of Muslim Brotherhood, so maybe they can reconcile it in their own heads.

    • stonehillady

      Obama has given the Muslim Brotherhood 8 billion to arm Hamas in the Sinai so maybe you better rescind how you ridiculed the peace loving Tea Party that only want the constitution restored & to follow the Rule of Law. Just google “Obama gives Morsi 8 billion” and check out how much Obama is working for Huma’s Brotherhood.

      • SixSixSix

        Oh yeah. The Bro’ Hood is real pleased with Obama now.

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  • Defiant

    So…let me see if I get this. The Egyptians wish to ban their government from accepting US aid…as a form of punishing the US. OK. LET US HAVE IT! We shouldn’t be wasting money on them ANYWAY! We buy NO loyalty with all that wasted tax money. Let Egypt figure out their own future. Same goes for Afghanistan…and “pah-kee-ston” (as Barky likes to say). Why we pay them to betray and manipulate us is beyond my comprehension to begin with. The people don’t see that money anyway. With it, however, the dictators live lavish lifestyles…

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  • Mike Mueller

    I think they have a good read on the USA and I support their will of self determination. I wouldn’t want terrorist blood money from Al Queda in Washington DC either if I were them.

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