Al-Tagammu Party rejects foreign delegations

Daily News Egypt
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By Fatma Khaled

Al-Tagammu party said the visits of foreign delegations are “an attempt to stall the revolution” and to “keep the Muslim Brotherhood allies in the political scene,” in a released statement on Tuesday night.

The party stated that those who seek a settlement with the Brotherhood leaders and supporters are the only ones who agreed with American negotiations made by US deputy secretary of state William Burns and Senator John McCain.

The party also warned in their statement against any attempt of ignoring the demands of the mass demonstrations of 30 June, which they said were to exclude the Brotherhood from the future political scene.

Several foreign delegations have visited the past few days to encourage a political solution with all parties; in addition to Burns and McCain, European High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton, and Emirati and Qatari foreign ministers have met with the interim government as well as different political groups.




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