National Salvation Front reaffirms trust in government to fight terrorism

Daily News Egypt
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By Mostafa Salem

The National Salvation Front expressed its “absolute” support to the government to address threats of “outlaws and terrorists,” in a statement on Thursday.

The statement followed a Wednesday announcement by the interim cabinet that declared the on going sit-ins as Rabaa Al Adaweya Mosque and Nahda Squares a threat to national security, and called for protesters to disperse.

The Front said it believed in “freedom of expression, protest and peaceful demonstration,” but also stated its “absolute support to all legal assessments taken in order to deal with all forms of violence, terrorism, smearing campaigns practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies.”

“Egyptians…have made a choice to refuse the Muslim Brotherhood’s fascism and repressive means,” the group said, and accused the Islamist group of using children as human shields.

The National Salvation Front stated it “reaffirms its trust in the Egyptian military and its Ministry of Interior against a blood hungry faction wishing to pull this country into a civil war.”

The National Salvation Front was created in 2012 in response to controversial decrees by former president Mohamed Morsi, and has been led by a number of prominent political figures such as Mohamed ElBaradei and Amr Moussa.

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