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Liquid Park opens in Sahel

Some parts tempt you to test your skill to pass without losing your footing and fall in the water. Others are specifically designed to make the biggest splash you can.

Now the summer has officially started, the Egyptian North coast is filling up and this year’s entertainment in Sahel is gearing up. Daytime beach parties and evening extravaganzas organised by well known Cairo establishments vie for the attention of the adults. New this year is Liquid Park, an inflatable, floating waterpark that offers unique entertainment to kids of all ages.

Liquid Park floats gently on the water of the lagoon of Marina 5 and the first and foremost thing you notice is its size. Spanning over 35 x 15 metres, the brightly coloured park is built out of a variety of different elements, including trampolines, a metres high swing and a three metre high action tower.

Liquid Concepts, the owner of the park, has created a design that makes the park officially the largest in both the Middle East and Europe.

The concept of the park is simple and straightforward; the staff issues you a life jacket and you have an hour to slide, slip, swing, bounce and climb around the park. Some parts tempt you to test your skill to pass without losing your footing and fall in the water. Others are specifically designed to make the biggest splash you can. A personal favourite is the ‘flip’; it involves crawling down a metres large, half inflated pillow and positioning yourself at the very end. Someone else then jumps on the other end, effectively launching you as far as possible into the water.

Liquid Park is geared towards kids, but many of their guests are adults. “Some adults are coming to the park to have a go themselves,” Nadder Montassir, Managing Partner, explains, “but often the parents that are dropping off the kids can’t resist joining in once they see how much fun they are having.”

Tickets are sold for an hour at the time, which seems way too short to most people. But a run-around at Liquid Park is a lot harder than it seems, climbing back on the park once you fall off, and you will, doing long and high jumps, and simply keeping your balance all give you a good workout, while you are having fun.

To ensure everyone will have a good time in a safe way, Liquid Park has devised some strong safety procedures. “Everyone wears a life jacket when they go on the park, without exception,” Montassir told The Daily News Egypt. “Besides that, we do not admit more than 50 people on the park at a time and we have eight staff on the park. They are not only there to lend a hand or explain an activity, they also keep an eye on our guests and make sure everyone is safe.”

Liquid Park is the brainchild of Liquid Concepts and this is the second year they are operating the park. “Last year we spent the summer in Hurghada and El Gouna,” Montassir said. “One of the wonderful things about the park is that once it gets too cold, we deflate and store the individual parts and this gives us the freedom to set up in different places. This time we are at the north coast for the full summer.”

The elements the park is built from are made in Germany, “we partnered up with a German company, Wibit, who produce the elements and are the leaders in their field. We wanted to introduce a new way of having fun in and on the water, and Wibit turned out to be exactly what we were looking for,” Montassir explained.

Liquid Park successfully combines fun with water and if that sounds like something you interested in, look no further than Marina 5 this summer.

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