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In Pictures 2: Tahrir tells Morsi to “leave”

In perpetration for demonstrations on 30 June asking for the removal of Morsi

Protesters filled Tahrir square on Friday chanting against Presidents Mohamed Morsi in a day dubbed “leave” by the angry demonstrators.

Marches from different parts of Cairo headed to the square to express their dissatisfaction with the current president and his government.

Different political groups including Al-Tayar Al-Shaa’bi (Popular Current), Al-Dostor party and others rallied people to join the protest.

This demonstration is considered by the opposition as a warm-up to next Sunday’s , 30 June, protest that Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign has been calling for the last two months. Tamarod has announced its collections of  15 million signatures demanding the removal of Morsi.


Photos by Halim El-Shaarani

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  • Ibrahim Ben Nemsi

    Abdul Rahman Mansour on Twitter:
    “Came back from #Tahrir Squ hour ago, pix of ousted #Mubarak r distributed among ppl &many take them gladly. This isnt our revolution #June30”


  • dsaasd

    Just wanted to say to the people who fear a islamic takeover. Come to Europe! Here the governments do not interfere as moral police and abuse its people based on books from the ancient area of earth.

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