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Sample Swiss delicacies in The Fondue Pot

New restaurant in Cairo offers a large variety of fabulous fondues

The round fondue pots are the centre piece of the meal (Photo from The Fondue Pot)
The round fondue pots are the centre piece of the meal
(Photo from The Fondue Pot)

By Fatma Ibrahim

The first thing you notice when you walk into The Fondue Pot is that you are in a one-of-a-kind place. Warmly welcomed by the waiters and then by Mariam Ghamrawy, one of the establishment’s two owners, we sat down to talk about the restaurant’s experience.

The Fondue Pot is one of the first integrated fondue restaurants in Egypt. Located in Heliopolis, it serves all types of Fondue ranging from cheese fondue, bourguignon, hot stone, tatar hat, bouillon, Raclette and delicious chocolate fondue varieties. Ghamrawy walked me through the menu, explaining the dishes. “The concept of fondue is fairly new to the Egyptian culture. My sister Natalie and I were raised eating fondue because we are half Polish. We thought it would be a great idea to introduce the indulging fondue experience to Cairo, and we know people will love it,” she said.

The Fondue Pot is serves not only the classic cheese or chocolate fondue. They also offer full course platters, but with one key difference:  you get to be your own cook. Steak is served raw on the table and you choose how you want it cooked. A fondue set is added, and you cook the meat the way it pleases you, whether the bourguignon way, hot stone or bouillon.

“Coming to The Fondue Pot is not just about eating; guests get to be part of the process of cooking and share what they eat, and [most of the fun comes from]engaging in such a process with friends,” Ghamrawy said.

The menu has many diverse and new items, from incorporating kidney beans and sweet corn to their salad ingredients, to featuring an exhilarating Toblerone Chocolate Fondue for dessert.

“Everything we use is imported straight from Switzerland,” Ghamrawy said. “We use certain kinds of cheese, like Raclette, and spices and herbs that are not found here in Egypt. The fondue sets and even parts of the decorations are all Swiss, too.”

The interior design of The Fondue Pot is based on a Swiss chalet and the wooden interior makes you feel instantly warm and welcomed. Swiss bells hang on the walls, as does an original cuckoo clock, which I found rather entertaining.

Spending less than 30 minutes inside The Fondue Pot was already a pleasant experience. The restaurant oozes warmth, is very welcoming and the large variety of delicious Swiss fondues on the menu invite you to bring your friends and enjoy an evening of great food.

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