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Op-Ed review: Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam

Since last week, the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has been on the minds of many journalists and columnists. Two writers ponder what should be done to solve the potential crisis between Ethiopia and Egypt. We were surprised and did not understand Fahmy Howeidy Al-Shorouk Newspaper Columnist Fahmy Howeidy, who frequently expresses his …

Since last week, the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has been on the minds of many journalists and columnists. Two writers ponder what should be done to solve the potential crisis between Ethiopia and Egypt.

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We were surprised and did not understand

Fahmy Howeidy

Al-Shorouk Newspaper

Columnist Fahmy Howeidy, who frequently expresses his support for the ruling authority, seems to be dumbfounded and confused by the issue of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

He wonders whether or not the government knew about the diversion of the Blue Nile beforehand, and concludes that it is a disaster in both cases. He explains that since Ethiopia has already begun the diversion process, then they must have been preparing for months. He adds that the Egyptian embassy in Addis Ababa must have known about such an operation, especially since Egypt participated in a tripartite committee with Ethiopia and Sudan regarding the issue. It seems to Howeidy that the only people left in the dark regarding the issue were the general public.

He tackles the issue of the government’s statements, which he believes only added to the confusion. The government had denied that Egypt’s Nile water shares would be affected by the dam. However, a national panel at Cairo University deduced that the ramifications of the dam will include electricity reduction by 40% and water reduction by 20%. Then there was the military intervention option, which was opposed by the government. In addition, Sudan’s reaction to the building of the dam seemed also confusing. In the beginning Egypt’s south neighbour was against dam project, but then on 31 May Sudan’s Minister of Culture Ahmed Bilal issued a statement that the government is not only acceptant of the dam’s construction, but even predicts they can benefit from it.

Howeidy blames media for taking the issue of the dam as reason to attack President Mohamed Morsi. However, he also blames the government for the lack of transparency in any dealings concerning the dam, which only adds to the confusion. He mentions a “trustworthy anonymous source” told him that since Ethiopia only cares for electricity and Egypt only cares for water then both countries can make some kind of deal to serve both interests. He concludes that this explains why Hesham Qandil travelled to Japan to attend the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, especially since the conference will soon be hosted by Ethiopia.

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The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam

Dr Mohamed Habib

Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper

Dr Mohamed Habib, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, begins by writing that we as a country are unable to fully appreciate the blessing that is the river Nile. He quotes Gamal Hamdan’s book The Character of Egypt, tracing the beginning and end of the Nile. The excerpt explains that the heart of the Nile is Sudan, and its edges are in Ethiopia on the right, and the lakes on the left. Even though these edges lack some social and technological development, there is some danger to them. Therefore, Egypt has to develop and nurture its interests regarding the Nile in these places.

Hamdan also wrote that the edge that is of great importance is the one in Ethiopia. Not only because it is the main source of water, but also it is the most similar to Egypt regarding history and civilisation. Even though Islam and Christianity reached Ethiopia from Egypt, they did not make it to the lakes.

Habib alleges that while people were surprised by Ethiopia diverting the Blue Nile, the governments were already aware of the project, and the presidency received information regarding it six months ago.

He adds that people are not against the building of the dam, but they are against Egypt’s share of water being affected. He explains that the dam will “control 86% of the Nile’s water, which we receive”. After Ethiopia’s announcement, Habib expected Morsi to summon experts in national security, water consumption, international law and strategic planning to decide how to move forward from here. He adds that even using only political efforts, the threat of a military option should remain on the table.

However Habib believes that Ethiopia will not do anything so long as Egypt remains divided and confused regarding the dam’s construction. He adds that all parties should unite to maintain and further communication between Egypt and Ethiopia. He concludes that the Nile is an international river and Ethiopia has no right to treat it as if it is their own.

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  • Justice

    “Nile is the international river and Ethiopia has no right to treat it as if it is their own.” This is the problem of Egyptian Elites. If they consider Nile as international river, why they give all issues of Nile to be decided by Egypt? The notion ‘international’ shows there are at least two countries that are beneficiaries and owners of the resource. But, in the case at the hand, what they say is that Ethiopia does have any role/say over the Nile. The message on part of Ethiopia and its citizens is that let us make the river as source of common/mutual benefit than conflict. .I would like to ask a simple question for the elites…. what shall be the role/right of Ethiopia over the Nile in consideration of its contribution to the river?

  • bek T

    They say the Nile is an international river and Ethiopia has no right to treat it as if it is their own. is that laughable or what? And what they say is that, Ethiopia has no right to utilize Nile and while Egypt built Aswan and developing paradise in the desert, yet Ethiopians starved to death and Ethiopia did not even utilize the river for irrigation purpose yet. How about sharing fairly?

    And the Egyptians hard liners keep talking about war? What kind of war hit and run? Definitely you cannot control the Nile by force and still staying in Ethiopia. So the best way should be negotiate and fairly utilize the river, other than that you will never win the war, you make things worse

    • Dr Gripe

      your understanding of Aswan dam is inaccurate.. you are a child.. go to bed you foolish child… come back when you are educated enough to make a real argument… THERE WILL BE WAR.. and I am not living in that part of the world nor is my ancestry there..

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion .. unfortunately too many idiots and fools express theirs here on the internet with the belief that people will listen to their foolishness.. you only bore and frustrate us who have more than 3 brain cells.

      • samson

        i think there no extra brain needed to understand The ASWAN dam.it is a dam built by uncivilized creatures.Aswan is the stupidiest dam in the world that lost about 4% of the total water flow…..and you DR dumb is aproponent..if u wana go to war ,,,,,go ahead by ur self?..

        • Dr Gripe

          narrow minded foolish talk from a child who has no concept of the real world and is devoid of facts.

          • john

            are you a Doctor???/Doctor of insults…….foolish

          • Dr Gripe

            and if I sat across from you I would make sure the bottom of my shoe faced towards you because you have no ability to make an argument

        • Lee

          Well, he is called Dr. Gripe for a reason. He has a Master’s degree in being an *sshole. Ignore him, or more accurately, don’t encourage him.

  • Shalom

    I see unbelievable arrogance on the part of the Egyptian
    elite. Look at this statement for example, “…the threat of a military option
    should remain on the table.”

    I believe if the Egyptian masses are told the truth about
    the Nile River, if they know what the elites know, they would be more
    sympathetic to Ethiopia’s position and appreciative of all the efforts the
    peoples of Ethiopia are exerting not to cause any rift between the two nations.

    But the media and the government of Egypt deliberately hide
    the important facts about the river and associated issues from the general
    public. Many Egyptians, even some educated ones believe the source of the Nile
    is Egypt. They believe it sources from the lower edges of Egypt. As hilarious
    as it is, it could also be dangerous.

    Egypt never, never consider the war option at all. That
    cannot be on its best interest and she will never win it. If Egypt keeps
    playing the zero sum game, that game eventually backfires and hurts Egypt more
    than any other country. You cannot bomb the pond from which you fetch your
    water because that water will be poisoned and kill you.

    The best option for Egypt is to negotiate with Ethiopia and
    secure its share of water peacefully, assist the dam effort and get benefit out
    of it, help the conservation endeavors in Ethiopia so the river enriches itself
    and create economic and social bonds between the two nations.

    I know Egyptians are wise people and they showed it in many
    scenarios in history and I hope they will recycle that wisdom today too.

    • khaled kupidooo

      While u have so much Water on your side , and u r only building the dam for electricty which can be utilized by a 100 other ways than Water turbens , also u have Rain and other rivers to build Dams on , as an egyption i consider all africans my brothers specially the good ethupian people , but we have a water shortage problem already , and our corps is dying , so for the sake of peace , we shouldn,t try to hurt eachother , or we r both gonna Destroy eachother in the end , its not a matter of who wins what , in War both sides loses everything , lets hope we can solve that conflict peacfully , or God help us all , also the Ethupian people should notice that Egypt is just out of Revolution and lost so many sons to get there freedom , so as i said before we need to search for alternative soultions , cause neither Egypt or Ethuopia want War and can,t afford it , even though they r both ready to die for there economic freedom , so it will be a disaster for both countries if this happened , so i pray it doesn,t come to that ,or it will the beggning of the end for both countries , not really a good way to start your progress by going to water Wars with an equally strong opposion and this is for both countries sake .

      • ET
      • Dr Gripe

        Egypt has not won its freedom.. it has traded one dictator for another.. and a new order that is even more oppressive than the last.. but worse a new government that is incompetent and inept and foolish… the deaths of tens of thousands of Egyptians and Ethiopians will be on the souls of those who support such governments… Morsi, the Brotherhood and the people in charge have no idea what to do and that is why Ethiopia can run wild over you in Egypt.. you government is not a government is is a collections of idiots and fools who have no idea what to do and have no courage to make things better or right… ohh woe is Egypt for its leaders show the world that all Egyptians are fools and the world laughs and shakes its head in disbelief at the incompetence and foolishness there.

      • Khalid

        Khaled, We did not start this idle threat. Your own leaders did. Years had past since this project first came to light and your government was aware of it. Not to mention your own engineers participated in the study/ risk assessment. Now foolish leaders make threats against my country. That is a recipe for disaster.

    • Dr Gripe

      I must laugh at this comment you accuse Egypt of Arrogance when the height of Arrogance is coming from an authoritarian regime in Ethiopia.. you also make ASSumptions about that Egyptians think with no factual basis for that.. you are a child.. go to bed!!!

      • samson

        here comes Dr dumb again….

        • Dr Gripe

          poor little child.. does not like it when someone calls him or others out out on comments that show an inability to think through arguments or are just pain foolish especially when he hoes not agree with them ….. maybe when you grow up and get a real education and learn there is more to this world than the tiny space you seem to occupy you will understand.. but comments like yours do not offend me they just show how small and petty and ignorant you are… if the subject matter was not so important you would just be laughable.

      • Tsega

        Dr. Gripe, sorry Dr. go to bed, is fake! He is clueless! Go to bed Dr. Gripe! You are messing up in an issue you appear to have no idea.

    • Khalid

      Here is a voice of reason. My compliments. “Why can’t we all get along” one had said before, which was his only moment on intellect. Americans Know who.

  • Kinfu Guta

    “Nile is an international river and Ethiopia has no right to treat it as if it is their own” see what confusion there with all you.

    1. Ethiopia contribute more than 86% to the Nile river and has no right to use.

    2. Egypt contribute 0% to Nile river and have the only right to use and claim as their own

    There are dynamic thinkers in Egypt that respects others right and knows their obligations and rights. But I am ashamed by personalities like the writer of this article that ignores others right. You should know what international river means and how to use it. You wants to terrorize Ethiopia, but you can’t. Play such kinds of games as you experienced at your country. Know this big Fact ” ETHIOPIA IS A PEACEFUL COUNTRY NETHER EGYPT”. The issue of Nile river is live and die for all Ethiopians. There are many issues in your country that leads all of you in crisis. So please deal with your interior issues.

    • Dr Gripe

      Another idiot who like to see his “thoughts” on the internet.. you have no idea what an international river is.. if it began in Ethiopia and ran to the sea and not through any other country you can damn well do what you want.. but when you affect the lives of those who have and continue to depend on it outside of your country where the water has flowed since the beginning of time.. NOW you go to far… PLEASE educate yourself and stoop your dribble of inaccurate arcane and stupid rhetoric to a topic that demands intelligence and fairness beyond your small minded ethnic bias..
      People like you assure that there will be a military attack on that dam…. and you can think only your self and your arrogance and those like you.. fools living in a fools world where rational intelligent adults should be talking not snot nose little children like yourself.. GO TO BED CHILD… come back when you are grown up!!

      • ethiopian

        Dr. Stupid where is your fairness?

        • Dr Gripe

          Interesting you should ask that… and where is your humanity… where is your honor.. where is your understanding of the complexity of this.. ohh sorry.. you cannot show that can you… What is FAIR?? it is what YOU feel is fair.. that seems very subjective and narrow minded.

      • Kinfu Guta

        We have seen what all your senior politicians and experts are all about, they are too idiot and even do not know what they are doing and speaking. Is it a must to precede my name with Dr as you did to be called educated person?. You damn and block headed shut up with your foolish and irresponsible thinking. If you are educated, why you get a solution to your unstoppable crisis that made all your peoples made their home at Tahirir square?. Ethiopia did not fucked by colonizers as you did. Go Down with your stupidity. IT IS TIME FOR ETHIOPIA. GOD BLESS ETHIOPIA

        • Dr Gripe

          LMAO. all of you [people who think false “facts” about me make me laugh very hard. First I am not Egyptian. Second I am not Muslim. Third I AM Christian and Forth I have more respect for the Ethiopian Culture than maybe even you do..

          But given those facts that I should never of had to say.. it goes to show how narrow minded you are. How bigoted you are. How much you cannot accept that people would not agree with your position.

          I did not write DR. for this discussion.. I have had the same sign in on many sites since my first Email account in 1986. I Do happen to hold a PhD from a very famous school in the USA.. but it is not important.. my name is my name.. I will not change it to suite you or anyone else.

          I will not pretend to be uneducated, nor will I pretend to be anything I am not… Am I smart.. I have been told so but that does not make it so… but to attack me for petty things just because I say truth about peoples comments or say things that you do not agree with… shows your ignorance… maybe that is why you attack me for the “DR”… because you not only feel inferior… you prove you are inferior in your intellect by how you argue.

          God has always blessed Ethiopia in many ways… but GOD did not give Ethiopia the right to harm others even if it means making Ethiopia better.. that is NOT Christianity …. so stop trying to pretend you are better because you are “Christian”.. just BE BETTER… besides Religion has no legitimacy in the discussion of water. it is solely humanity and the effects of Ethiopia building as dam.. one that is against an existing treaty.. one that the international community has deemed to be illegal.. but worse one that will hurt another people … even if you do not like them.

          While Ethiopia became frustrated with the process of breaking the Treaty in a reasonable way (through group consensus) it chose another path for expedience. That “CHOICE” of Ethiopia has consequences. as we all have consequence in our lives for the choices we make …. Unfortunately for the People of Ethiopia the choices you government has made (I BELIEVE) will lead to a short war in the form of an attack upon the dam to stop what is deemed a threat to the people of Egypt… but short of just ignoring the threat Egypt has no reasonable or practical choices given the intransigence of BOTH Governments in finding a workable solution to the problems this dam causes.

          Where I am stupid is trying to educate you on the problem when you narrow mind and bigotry stops you from being a thinking human being and makes you a bully who wants your own way and will condemn anyone who disagrees with you because you cannot imagine any point of view except your own.. and THAT is the core of argument here in cyber world.. people who have no understanding voicing their patriotic and often bigoted emotions and spewing hatred of those who do not share that narrow minded position.. THAT s mostly what I condemn people for here… you have succeeded as others (like Samson) have in proving my theory by your own hate filled rhetoric.

          Ignorance is in fact bliss for many.. but annoying to the rest of us

          • Kinfu Guta

            ETHIOPIANS NEVER SHOWS INFERIORITY AS OTHERS LIKE YOU DO. WE ETHIOPIANS ARE PROUD OF OURSELVES; THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT NOT COLONIZED BY WHITE, THE HOME OF HUMAN BEING, AS ITS OWN CULTURE, ITS OWN LANGUAGES ETC. SO WE ETHIOPIANS NEVER AND EVER SHOWS INFERIORITY TO IDIOTS LIKE YOU. If you are not an Egyptian why you are worried about the dam? You are so stupid again and again. Writing some thing not relevant and that not your subject shows you are so block headed and ignorance. damn

  • mike

    i wish the writer listened to himself. If Ethiopia does not have the right to treat an international river as its own, why wouldn’t the same rule apply to Egypt.
    The other interesting point in this article is how Egyptians view us as uncivilised and backward. In any case, Egypt will never control nile with force. It is futile. At the end of the day Egypt will lose more. Because you will kill the good will. Africans are emerging. Egypt will not stop it.

    • Dr Gripe

      you lack logic in your argument. You argue from an irrational and emotional stance… go to bed!

      • Khalid

        Gripe, Do you have a mirror? Look into it you’ll see a real idiot.

        • Dr Gripe

          LMAO.. what a fool… troll! … what comes from you is more appropriate for what comes out of the rear end of a male cow do you really kiss your mother with that mouth?? poor woman to have you as a …. god I cant even imagine. excuse me while I go out and vomit from the imagery.

  • Tsegaye

    “”the threat of a military option should remain on the table.”” We have also this table.

    FYI Egypt will not go to war with Ethiopia
    for million reasons. Here it is Egypt biggest fear ever, what if the Ethiopian
    (extremist groups or individuals) poisoned the Nile with industrial waste and
    even nuclear residuals. Water go’s downward not upward. Cheap way to make Egypt
    carry for at least 50 years. Unless they stop sabotages. That is really scary.

    • Dr Gripe

      your comment is childish and stupid

      • samson

        but your’s are the best????….dumb

        • Dr Gripe

          I never said the best.. but defiantly BETTER

          • samson

            lol…there is no chance that arrogants become bettter at anything

          • Dr Gripe

            certainly better than you so what does that have to say about you… oh I forgot your a paid Ethiopia troll.

  • Dr Gripe

    This article said very little and draws no new information except to say Egypt has no idea how to deal with reality and hard decisions… I would be surprised if they knew what day it is or what they want to eat for meals ….. Yet there was a proposal put forth just before the revolution that was never adequately considered. IF Egypt believes that Ethiopia will only want electric then they are naive foolish and incompetent. One need only look at how the current regime in Ethiopia lies to its people and suppresses any information that does not support total authoritarian rule of that country. When the dam is finished and the suffering of the Egyptian people from lack of the water and then the future “needs” of Ethiopia for use of the new lake water for development and agriculture.. when that happens it wilt be to late to fix. Ethiopia is betting the Egypt has no male parts and is a weak female who must submit to what Ethiopia wants as the water is in Ethiopia. The world laughs at Egypt in failing to protect its own people and its failure to make a real stand before this latest news. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are weak and incompetent and should not run a country.. or even a family as they have no real courage of conviction.

    • samson

      DR Dumb you ain’t tired?….what a dumb…….you want to criticize Ethiopian Gov’t …but is z nile conflict best way to do that…dumb

      • Dr Gripe

        LMFAO.. your comment is what I would expect for a child about 10 years old….. not at all like the Ethiopians I have met that are intelligent and thoughtful people… you do disservice to your country by your statements

        • samson

          lol…yeah i’m a10 years old boy… u r amazing to know that…..but i begg you to stop commenting on other issues… u r good at guessin ages..just keep it.. you suck wen u critisize Ethiopian govt……dr dumb

          • Dr Gripe

            The Authoritarian Government of Ethiopia is disturbingly similar to 1930’s Nazi Germany and you are reminiscent as part of its propaganda machine. a paid troll who goes from site to site condemning Egypt and extolling the false virtues of your government and dismissing any possibility that it could be wrong. IF you were 10 years old I could forgive you for your ignorance. Unfortunately you only act 10. If Egypt were the USA and you tried to stop water to us then we would do exactly what I believe Israel should do if that dam continues, The ONLY thing you and your fellow trolls like to remind people is that Egypt is Muslim which given the fear of Muslims in this world brings people to your side. But I am Catholic and I don’t buy your argument. When a government FORCES its people to buy bonds to build a dam that is condemned by most of the world and where your country could not get international financing because most felt like Ethiopia was overstepping it authority and when your government wrests journalists and keeps them in jail because they try and inform the Ethiopian people of how evil its own government is and how it does what it wants when it wants despite the potential cost.. TEN I find myself not only seeing the similarities to the growth of the Nazi regime in Germany but see Ethiopia s the mirror image of a country who hats a portion of its own people and tells its people what to do and when to do it without the people being allowed to speak their mind. I am almost certain that the next step is to round up all Muslims and put them in concentration camps as threats to the Ethiopia society. Can genocide in any form be far behind that. You work for what you try and call other “the great Satan”

          • samson

            first i don’t get your premises as neither a valid or true
            “When a government FORCES its people to buy bonds to build a dam that is condemned by most ”

            “your government wrests journalists and keeps them in jail because they try and inform the Ethiopian people of …blah”

            second if all ur allegations are true it is still valid acts as long as Ethiopians are on their way out of poverty dramatically

            and third your comparison of NAZI and EPRDF is sick….truly that is the so silly

            “the next step is to round up all Muslims and put them in concentration camps” this one is z most funny thing you say

            i see improvements but still ur dumb..dr…lol

          • Dr Gripe

            We can teach you to read and write but critical thinking is not in your repertoire. YES Nazi style Ethiopia. and in the name of lifting the people out of poverty is just a ruse to control people. You excel at showing anyone who reads how poorly educated you are. but most of you trolls are. I am not surprised. yes ignorance is bliss in your limited myopic view of the world. truly a poster child for bigoted ignorance.

          • samson

            what do you wana teach me dr….strategic planning? ..I know it well….what else? …ok i got it being arrogant like you….emmmm..I don’t want that..bye dr dumb

          • Dr Gripe

            you are unteachable Samson and if I am what you describe as arrogant then I would rather be that than the troll you are. I know what I know and do it well because I also know what I don’t know and then chose to learn. You on the other hand just want to continue to show how ignorant you are that you can only call names.. this is why Ethiopia cannot win a propaganda war that you wish to wage. You don’t have the temperament or intelligence to have a reasonable discourse. It becomes increasingly more understandable why the people of Ethiopia lives in fear as your government and its paid trolls do want a dialogue they want blind and unyielding obedience and are willing to punish and torture their citizens to suppress them. yep more similarity to 1930’s Nazi Germany.

          • samson

            Don’t get it wrong dr… ur life is determined more by ur personality than by the subjective measures of intelligence tests or college diplomas…you call people child or ignorant…..go to ur bed…blah blah..u percieve ur self as the ultimate knowledgabel man…but you don’t know that ur also slave..just for world’s top tyrants in washington…you think the knowledge and reasoning skills you got from college is absolute…there is no such slave as peopel like you who don’t know what they are……. the only absolute thing I know is… the freedom i got in my country …for sure this will ate you…i cann’t wait to hear from you

          • Dr Gripe

            Unfortunately I do get you wrong.. which is why these exchanges are froth with hostilities and misunderstandings. THIS is why people without a common language and society have difficulty understanding each other in the written word. but I always new that.

            You know my travels were extensive. and they were for good reason. I consistently had a translator from the country I visited because if the possibilities of misunderstandings. My translator was not just the official language but the language of the dominate tribe of where I was working. I did not care if the person or people I was meeting with spoke English well or not (even Joseph Kabila spoke English well… just not well enough). Further to this point when I try and communicate a point I would couch the concept in several different analogies that were closer to universal truths.. like love and relationships or standard business bartering or price negotiations. or other generalities. The purpose of several and varied analogies or short stories was to make my point Crystal clear.

            MOST comments in places like these are one offs.. meaning the people come they try to make a point quickly and have little time to fully explain their positions and less interest in actually backing them up.. this is understandable as these are comments NO a thesis or dissertation in any way. Yet that kind or inaccurate or incomplete statement.. or worse completely FALSE statements cannot be left unchallenged as they change the dynamics of a reasonable and fair discourse into a propaganda machine hell bent on swaying opinions irregardless of the facts or truth or to obfuscate the truth or core root of the issue with varied and asunder side arguments that may or may not be valid and are usually just meant to steer the conversation away fro the real hot topics.

            These comments are mostly just play time for me. A place where I can get blood boiling and people to eventually find a place of introspection. I have made a very comfortable living going against established paradigms. I almost burst my gut laughing when you accused me of being a slave as I am a contrarian here in the USA.. I am against everything at first until there is sufficient information to make an informed decision. but most important I am one who is known to take huge amounts of information (the kind that makes people forget there is a forest because there are so many trees in front of it) and than boiling that information down into a concise issue.

            Funny you should talk about the inadequacies of an education. First:Education is EXTREMELY Important in having enough tools to be able to dissect any issue. but I found that my street skills were important to finding out more about the impediments to a plan and how to deal with those that hold back people and businesses and countries from developing.. and THIS skill has to be eyes on.. body language and facial expressions are tell tails if ever there were any.

            I have been instrumental in facilitation an LNG plant in Shanghai, Timer business in Guyana, Hydro dams in DRC and many many more. BUT unless there are considerations given to ALL the stakeholders (people businesses, organizations and countries) that are affected and to what extent they are impacted than there can be no success.. and once that study is done the major negative impact areas identified .. then the question that has made me the most successful is finding alternative methods to achieve a solution to the plan. Simply put If you cannot solve the problem you are facing then you are facing the wrong problem” from that premise I than look to change the paradigm of the issue.

            Unfortunately People on this topic will say there is no issue Ethiopia is a sovereign nation… maybe so.. but what does sovereign mean anymore.. see what is happening in Syria. This is not just a humanitarian impact.. that is Israel afraid of weapons going to Hezbollah and its security If Syria was truly sovereign as we used to believe in Sovereignty then we could NEVER interfere in a civil war… but they are going to.

            THE EDR has sever consequences for all stakeholders beyond an immediate cut or partial reduction in water…. it has the potential to strangle Egypt for any reason whatsoever. You may believe in the integrity of your government but most do not. Egypt also has a bad history with Ethiopia. HENCE Egypt would be a complete and utter fool and deserving of annihilation if it allowed this dam to be completed as the control Ethiopia would have over Egypt would be absolute and Ethiopian government now or in the future could in effect black mail Egypt to its will.. NO COUNTRY today can afford to let another country have such a strangle hold on them. I disagree with so many people that it can get exhausting. but arguing this way has helped me hone the issues down to what is truly Critical and than separate it from what is important and than to determine what is totally irrelevant such as the arguments on religion and the strength or weakness of the opposing military or the involvement of USA or whoever.. those issues have no place in this discourse. they are at best side issues and left to those empty heads that want to wave a flag in a complete dark room. Great to love your country but that is not enough in a rational intelligent discussion.. hence I tell people to go to bed.

            Your government is more Machiavellian that you can ever believe… the FORCING of so many Ethiopians to own bonds was just a way of trying to get absolute public opinion and the people having a stake in the dam if it was destroyed. It was masterful if the dam could have been built faster and if so many of the ministers had not decided that their pockets needed to be heavier with Euros.

            Enough of this Solomon… this has been the equivelent of a free Masters class in some of the best MBA schools in the world but so much better when delivered in person.. the verbal apptitude of the person delivering such a class would make it over the top…. unfortunately I doubt you will appreciate it.. after all you have no respect for me, afterall as you have told me ~ I am a slave… adios

          • samson

            for sure you r on vacation…it takes me 10 days to finish your exceptional and genius work. ..that contribute much for litrature…you deserve the Nobel….But much of what u talk is not relevant for Ethiopia..it’s about how ur masters send u for trip..andu call it work….U know What..someone made research on management journal articles since the 60’s and he found out that 80% were made there in the USA (Babylon)….so MBA courses that are based on these knwoledge sects are for u and ur selves only…the masters devised it to creat slaves in accordance…so be there and have fun

          • Dr Gripe

            ohh and you do realize you used a double negative in the beginning of your propaganda rhetoric … maybe it was intentional.

  • yegeter_lij

    “Even though Islam and Christianity reached Ethiopia from Egypt, they did not make it to the lakes.” People are forgetting History… Ethiopia was the first country to root Islam and Christianity. Mohammed(Messenger PBAH) send people to Ethiopia while its own people in mecca prosecuted him. So technically Ethiopia accepted Islam before Mecca. Please read about King Negash(The messenger talked about him alot). Regarding Christianity it was currently on the news http://www.ibtimes.com/ethiopia-first-christian-nation-1110400 … The truth is the reverse. Telling lie 1000x will not make it truth.

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  • ethiopian

    I am ethiopian and like all ethiopians I understand nile is more than just a river for our ancient friends egyptians its also a sours of life. But not allowing us to use a drop of water on our river is something I cant described. That been said if one of my brothers die on egyptians hand nothing is going to stop me from Destroying the river and the water they have been accumulating while my ppl were starving. Oh did I mentioned I am a chemical engineer working in US so I just know how to do that

    • Dr Gripe

      be careful.. this “THREAT” is actually a crime in the USA… if you want to do something at least stop telling people… just do it… better no one knows so that no one will punish you or your family for it… but living here in the USA.. well you already know that… if the FBI sees this you will be considered a terrorist or at least of making terroristic threats… Speak your mind.. but stop with your threats of violence as it will hurt you and at least your credibility… ( I KNOW as I consult to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Agency in Georgia)

      • ethiopian

        I am not advocating violence. Im just stating what could happen if the they decided to attack us. And I don’t see how u made a connection bn my comment and terriorsem? Where did u get ur phd? We r not going to stop the flow of the water we don’t want to do that. nile is a gift from god for egypians. We r just saying lets use the water without hurting egypt( that is why we r not going to use it for irrigation). Explain to me where is the wrong doing?

        • Dr Gripe

          The post I was responding to was from someone (an self proclaim,ed Ethiopian) who stated he was a chemical engineer in the USA and that if Egypt did anything he would assure them that Ethiopia would poison the water that went to Sudan and Egypt or he would himself, as he had the ability and knowledge to do that because of his profession. I remember very well that post… however when I read Your post just now to articulate what part of it was the threat I did not find those words.

          It is possible that you may have seen the post I refer to.. and I will not accuse you of changing your post… so I will apologize to you because it appears I falsely accused you in that comment.

          Because I have wronged you I will answer your question on my education….I received my education at Yale/ University of Pennsylvania and Wharton School of Finance all Ivy League schools in USA. My PhD is in strategic planning and new business development. I have helped companies AND governments in 72 countries on 5 continents. I do NOT work for the USA and do not like taking domestic projects in USA as my expertise is in international settings. I also have a Masters in Psychological Services with a focus on something called “Group Processes Theory” which has been beneficial in bringing together diverse groups with apparent views and finding solutions that benefit all parties involved as well as those affected indirectly. The there for my work is “if you cannot solve the problem you are facing than you are facing the wrong problem.. only by changing the definition of the problem can one find workable solutions….

          These forums for people to vent more of their emotions and to show nationalism and yes even bigotry towards others are not productive to solutions. I started here in addressing why the Authors opinion piece was not practical or realistic… further I assert his article fostered an atmosphere of hate from both sides… I am sure that was not his intention .. but it is the result. Articles like these are not conducive to finding actual solutions to the problem… they look pretty but they are not well thought out. Worse the ignorance of the masses of people who spew hatred and take positions that are not thought-out or naive or worse just irresponsible like threatening to poison the water… these comments never help…

          There are ways to find solutions to this problem that are not being considered by either side… things that could help both sides… but arrogance, intransigence and just plain stubbornness combined with bigotry and long historical hate between both sides has caused them not to work to find a common solution… That dear sir is the prescription for war …. as both sides need to work together and not force their views on the other… that starts by finding the common ground…..and then building on that… but your government finds no reason to negotiate and Egypt has its head up its butt so far with Morsi and the Brotherhood there can be no solution until there are deaths that the PEOPLE of both countries rise up to stop their respective governments from this insanity. I will comment on thing on your belief that Ethiopia will not stop the flow of water… while you may be right on the total stop.. the amount of the slowdown in water is a source of contention.. and given the manner in which your government has gone ahead it does nothing to assure Egyptians or the world of the integrity of that statement. and rest assured that the new lake will bring new demands on the water thus reducing the amount flowing down stream.. to deny this is naive… but as I said above there is a solution… and in fact several that no one wants to accept… and no one wants to pay the consultants to make it better… politics in this case only benefit the politicians…. your government is to authoritarian to find peace in the traditional ways but you already know that in your heart…

          I would say more but I still work for a living and have things to accomplish… Again I am sorry for accusing you of what was someone else’s statement of poisoning the water.

      • ethiopian

        Well the reduction on the amout of water that floowes to down stream countries is invadabel. But ethiopia has to make sure it will not devastate egypt. And egypt need to find a way to compinsate for lost water. Like investing on ground water. And I have to say this is the only time I stand by ethiopian government

      • Khalid

        Wow! I am so impressed by your credentials. I say that very very loosely.

  • john

    …….the Nile is an international river and Ethiopia has no right to treat it as if it is their own.what foolish and disgusting statement you dump elites of Egypt raise???please don’t misinform your people??? You dump doctor,i mean doctor of insults and drugs…hashish,should not write this as informative rather misleading….Don’t play with fire??? you said military option is also on the table……surprising….Don’t know Ethiopians…..They are brave people…..ask your grand,grand…parents. You have dams as Ethiopians have. you have put military option on the table…what about Ethiopia….will it let you bomb its dam as you like???? you have Aswan dam as well as the Nile river which you consider as your life and blood.don’t be foolish …..if that is the case Ethiopia win the war… but i don’t propose war for both countries.the wises proposal is let Ethiopia use its Natural resource which is its legitimate right……That is not right Dr. Dump..

    • Dr Gripe

      I AM NOT EGYPTIAN!!! Ethiopia will not win the war.. NOBODY wins in war… but Egypt can achieve its objective in one day.. they do not want to invade Ethiopia.. You try to insult me and you show your ignorance and bigotry and make ASSuptions. I know the history of Ethiopia BEFORE you were considered Abyssinian from the Habesha through King Solomon and the heroism of Haile Selassie and his overthrow I have had traditional coffee made for me in my honor for things I have done.. something that made me happier than any medal or written honor I could have received… You foolishly believe that because I disagree with you or your government that I hate Ethiopia or am Egyptian… this is the ignorance I cannot stand in a comment Call me Doctor DUMP or a piece of Sh$t I do not care… my ,point is the same and valid.. yours are ethnocentric and narrow minded and bigoted hence there is no room for mental improvement in a mind that is closed.

  • john

    An Egyptian With Opened Eyes Speaks: Regarding the Renaissance Dam

    June 3, 2013

    The following is a an article from the Daily News Egypt by an
    Egyptian man named Mahmoud Salem. According to his profile he is is a
    political activist, writer, and social media consultant. It is worth
    reading and i found the man whose eyes are opened to see things
    rationally. Despite there are issues which I do not agree with his
    article is worth reading. Below is the full text of his article.


    For the past few weeks Egyptian society and media have been
    hysterical over Ethiopia’s construction of its Renaissance Dam. The
    public was suddenly bombarded with the notion that Ethiopia will turn
    off the water faucet on Egypt and that this is an issue that threatens
    both our national security and survival as a nation. The government
    couldn’t stick to a position between assuring the public that this is
    not a threat and between citing this as a threat that requires one of
    Morsi’s famous “National Unity dialogues”, which always ends in a
    photo-op and no results.

    The opposition was divided by some attending the meeting citing
    “national security” as their excuse to partake in what can only be
    described as political mess. While others, like Hamdeen Sabahy, gave out
    laughable recommendations such as stopping ships from countries that
    are helping build that dam (China, Italy, Israel) from passing through
    the Suez Canal. Personally, I would love to see the Egyptian government
    just try and stop any of those countries from getting their ships
    through, especially China. This should be hilarious. Nowhere to be
    found: A single statement from any party outlining the policy options
    that they would implement if they were in charge.

    All the while, many talking heads started spouting nonsensical crap
    about an Egyptian military strike on Ethiopia, while seemingly screaming
    in all of their interviews that “We are too strong and powerful for
    Ethiopia to mess with”. Never mind that Ethiopia was never conquered in
    any war and that our military never fought in the south and cannot
    protect its soldiers within our borders, and that there is zero evidence
    that the Ethiopian military- which is not weak- will kneel in front of
    our military might. I am chalking this up to temporary insanity caused
    by over-heating of the brain due to lack of consistent air conditioning
    in the middle of the horrible heat-wave we are currently experiencing.
    Let’s assess the situation, shall we?

    Let’s start with the fact that Ethiopia is a sovereign nation and is
    well within its right to build any dam it pleases on its land, as long
    as it doesn’t violate the international agreements governing the water
    share of downstream nations, and it likely will not. Then let’s talk
    about water loss: from the share of water we receive, we lose about 12%
    of it due to evaporation while the water is stored in Lake Nasser for 10
    months between the flood time and irrigation needs. Ethiopia has a
    lesser evaporation rate (almost half of Egypt), and the electrical dam
    will slow down the rate of water we receive, thus making sure that the
    water that gets stored in Lake Nasser arrives in stages and thus
    decrease our evaporation rate considerably. This will lead to an actual
    reduction in lost water and an increase in actual water by 5%. Believe
    it or not, storing the water in Ethiopia before it reaches Egypt will
    actually lead to an increase in our water supply. So why the hysteria?

    We used to get more than our agreed upon share of water, and we are
    the reigning champions of wasting drinkable water in the world. We
    naturally don’t have strict guidelines or enforceable laws or plans to
    maximise the benefits of our water resources, and we don’t really feel
    like doing the work or empowering capable people to do it. Here is a
    helpful hint: Our current hapless prime minister was the minister of
    water resources and irrigation. This is the guy that was in charge of
    that. Are you getting the picture?

    Here is what Egypt should do: 1) Given our experience at building and
    maintaining the Aswan High Dam, we should be the people helping
    Ethiopia build and manage their dam, thus ensuring that it doesn’t hurt
    our interests; 2) Start negotiations between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt
    to renegotiate respective shares of the extra wasted waters, thus
    ensuring that we don’t lose all of it; 3) Having that dam will leave
    Ethiopia with almost 4,000 megawatts of electricity for export purposes
    only, at a time where we need the electricity. If we play ball now, we
    could get a long term deal that is beneficial to the needs of the
    Egyptian public and isn’t affected by the prices of fossil fuels; 4)
    Ethiopia has seriously ambitious agricultural plans, and we have about
    10 million farmers without actual land to farm, so we can reach an
    agreement, decrease our unemployment and boost our food security; and
    finally 5) Egypt needs to seriously reconsider its water policies, and
    create an infrastructural investment plan in desalinisation and
    extracting ground water from now.

    Naturally, we will not do any of this.

    We will not do any of this because we have a fistful of misanthropes
    and imbeciles running our governments and our parties, which is not a
    new phenomenon. Proof in point: Our own High Dam. If we ignore the
    environmental disaster that it is for a second, we should note that it
    was 60 years ago that we thought of using a renewable source of clean
    energy (hydro-electric power) to successfully meet our power needs, and
    somehow that didn’t translate into a desire to replicate the idea via
    other sources of clean energy (solar, wind) that we have in abundance.
    Instead we rely on fossil-fuel powered power plants while we lack the
    fossil fuels necessary to operate them, and actually have to pay for it
    in hard currency. The natural conclusion is what we have now: a
    government unable to meet our energy needs because it lacks the hard
    currency to purchase it, all the while complaining about the high
    financial burden on our budgets that is our energy subsidies, and also
    not doing anything about it.

    Dear Egypt, take heed of this. The world is moving forward all around
    you, with plans of development and infrastructure to meet its future
    needs, with the Ethiopian dam being the ultimate proof of that, while
    you are going nowhere fast and talking about delusional past glories
    that have nothing to do with current day realities. Ethiopia is not the
    problem or the enemy; our laziness, stupidity, incompetence and lack of
    sound planning are, and it simply cannot be allowed to continue. It’s
    time for you to wake up.

    Source: Daily News Egypt: http://www.dailynewsegypt.com/2013/06/03/regarding-the-dam/

    • Dr Gripe

      unfortunately a sovereign nation has little meaning anymore as out side forces conspire to intervene in a civil war in Syria. why should Ethiopia be any less or more significant.

  • Gembre

    Wait a minute…. Both Islam and Christianity did not arrive from Egypt. The first Muslims were close followers of Mohammad who fled persecution…..

    The first Christians were actually baptized by the Evangelists in Jordan soon after the death of Jesus….

    Anyways, God Bless Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, and Israel!

  • Pingback: Why has the Nile River Become a Battleground? | Sebhat Amare()

  • Girma

    Does united nation allow Egyptian a military intervention?… Will USA hunt for Mursi as it did for Sadam Hussen when Iraq attacked Quat.. or Ethipia is not oil rich country like….Why don’t we outsource the Dam and other related operations to the Government of Israel and then see what egypt can do? march to Tahir Square…..KKeee

  • john simmings

    The issue of water reaching egypt is a matter of life or death. in ethiopia,the blue nile represents may be 13 percent of total above ground water resources of ethipia. It does not need it. ethiopia also does not need electricity, what will it be good for in one of the most forgotten nations on earth? if they need some cash ,they can go and get it from their huge arable lands,that if exploited will make them a very rich country. LET US PREPARE THE AIRCRATS.

    • Khalid

      John – You are clueless, better go to school and learn first.

      • johnsimmings

        khaled, bigotry for the sake of bigotry is futile. go and read about the huge waters of ethiopia, and then you can criticize them on this ground.

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  • Khalid

    Dr. Habib. While your article threaded on the side of objectivity, sorry to say you ended your article, obviously to appease your fellow Egyptians, by making a false statement. Colonial era treaties are obsolete and there is no place for them in the 21st. century. There is no such thing as an international river and ” Ethiopia has no right to treat it as if it is their own”. I could not help but laugh at your statement. Make no mistake; we Ethiopians will fight for our God given right to our river which originates in our land. Be mindful of what Egypt will be without the Aswan Dam. A word to the wise!

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  • Tsega

    The only thing why Ethiopia was not utilizing the Blue Nile, be it for irrigation, hydropower etc is because Egyptians have been successful for installing the devil of chaos and poverty in the country, among other things. The Devil appears to have picked up his feet and rest in Cairo now. May God help the people of Egypt. But, there is nothing that can prevent the construction of the GERD and the four other dams that will be built up stream very soon. No legal obligation or what-so-ever. If Egypt have any concerns, come to Addis and discus the matter before it is too late, if not late already.

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