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“If you hate the Muslim Brotherhood, honk your horn”

A campaign to show disapproval of the Muslim Brotherhood across Egypt

“If you hate Ikhwan, honk your horn” reads the sign (Photo by: Sarah El-Masry)
“If you hate Ikhwan, honk your horn” reads the sign
(Photo by: Sarah El-Masry)

Cairo’s streets have been swept by a campaign showing disapproval of the Muslim Brotherhood through honking automobile horns.

The campaign initially started two weeks ago when Omar, a 16 year old student, held up a sign in Nasr City with the slogan “If you hate the Muslim Brotherhood, honk your horn”. The response was much larger than he expected.

Ahmed Taha, 24, the admin of the Facebook page “Your ID, Egyptian”, said: “Our group did not intend to display the sign Omar held. It started as a joke, but then we told Omar to hold it. The response was baffling.”

Taha’s group on Facebook was originally not political. The group draws graffiti, paints pavements and spreads awareness through drawing caricatures. “During the transitional period under the Supreme Council of Armed Forces we used to paint walls and do positive things. However, after the election of President Morsi we started to show our disapproval of the Muslim Brotherhood through our drawings,” said Taha.

The campaign was replicated in several neighbourhoods and major streets in Cairo. A recent “honk your horn” movement took place at Maspero and caught the attention of many media outlets. Other places in Cairo such as Talaat Harb Square, Al-Haram Street and the Moqattam neighbourhood, where the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood is located, had similar movements.

The campaign has been seen in other cities, including Alexandria, Zagazig, Ismailia, Hurghada, Assiut, and Mansoura.

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  • Reda Sobky

    This activity needs to be coordinated so the moment of protest is the same everywhere. Every week a new time and a new issue to be voted on by the honk at 7.00 pm everywhere. Honkomania could infect Egypt and honking can become the medium of discourse and we can have studies and a union of political honkers and change the function of honking from alerting others to presence to express political dissent. We would end up with antihonking police and honking prosecutions and people could ask for the constitutional right to honk their dissent. Maybe even laws can be passed by honking instead of voting which can’t be forged but of course the machine that measures honks could be rigged. Honking could assume a much greater significance in Egyptian political life or maybe it is a worldwide trend and Egypt is just ahead of the curve. Banging pans has been used many times in many countries and i think would be more inclusive.

  • John Andrews

    Soon, all the haters and mindless will be sorry for their utter stupidity.

  • to Jhon – we already sorry for letting Those to come to power

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