Residents in North Sinai cut off roads in protest of gas shortages

Liliana Mihaila
2 Min Read

Protesters cut off vital roads in the “cave region” of central Sinai, expressing anger over gas shortages after the recent implementation of the government’s voucher draining system program.

 The demonstrators said they were surprised to hear of the government’s plan to distribute vouchers at an Al-Arish station where gas reserves had run out. This forced residents to purchase gas from the black market for EGP 70 per tank. Residents demanded that the government cancel gas voucher program, saying that the program was neither plausible nor convenient for those living in remote areas.

Tens of residents from Sheikh Al-Zuwad in northern Sinai gathered outside a butane distribution station in the southern part of the city, demanding that the government distribute more gas to residents.

Roads leading to villages south of the city were blocked by tyre fires ignited by protesters. The region’s security force intervened to prevent residents from further obstructing the roads.

Protesters said they arrived in the gas station only to find it empty, not knowing where its gas reserves had gone. They then called on the region’s governor, Abdel Futuh Harhur and other political leaders to address the gas crisis. They also demanded that authorities continue to monitor gas stations and prevent smuggling, especially of fuel, to the Gaza.

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