“Secret draft” passed around Constituent Assembly, says Amr Moussa

Sara Abou Bakr
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Amr Moussa has said that an alternative constitution was handed out to members of the Constituent Assembly during a meeting.

He made the statements during a televised interview on Tuesday night. Yara Khalaf, a media and public relations advisor for Moussa said “this a verified piece of information.”

“A document was proposed to the members of the assembly and it was signed by Al-Gheriany [assembly chairman].” Khalaf said.

Khalaf said that the members of the assembly asked for the names of the people who wrote the document but were informed because the writers want to stay anonymous. All they were told is that there are three authors and one is an assembly member. Khalaf said that while the members preferring a civil state rejected the document, parts of it were included in the constitution, currently being drafted by the Islamist dominated assembly.

Khalaf says that these documents, prepared by what she described as “secret committees,” started surfacing this week because some television media were prevented from accessing the assembly during last week.

Amr Moussa said on Tuesday night that there is upheaval in Egypt because of the disagreements taking place inside the assembly, as well as the withdrawal of some members. Moussa added that there is a need for a balanced constitution that satisfies all sectors of society.

The draft constitution has already been rejected by more than 20 civil rights organisations as well as the Ministry of Defence.

Earlier this week, 24 members of the assembly submitted a list of demands to Al-Gheriany and withdrew. Their withdrawal came a few days after the withdrawal of church representatives.

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