Police raid farm and free former Shura Council member

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MP Ahmed Khalil was detained for 72 hours before being released by his kidnappers (file photo)

A former member of Shura Council, kidnapped at gunpoint for ransom, was freed on Tuesday after security forces raided the Ismailia farm where he has being held.

Ahmed Khalil had spent 72 hours at a farm, where his kidnappers were holding him for ransom, before police raided the location causing a shootout between the abductors and the officers. Officers arrested six people as well as confiscating a small cache of weapons that included an automatic rifle, three guns and the car used in Khalil’s abduction.

In the hail of gunfire between police and the kidnappers, two of the assailants were injured.
Khalil was abducted from in front of his home in Fayed at gunpoint. His abductors later demanded a ransom of EGP 5 million in order to set him free. Police were led to Khalil’s location after they arrested a member of the group involved in the kidnapping. The arrested member of the group admitted to committing the kidnapping and then led police to his five associates.

The arrested members of the kidnapping ring are Mohamed M. F, Al Shazly Saad Abul Magd, Ahmad Saad Abul Magd, Hassan Helmi, Mohamed Sayed Gad and Karam Allah Gad. All of them are former convicts residing in Qena governorate; three of them were wanted for crimes.

Khalil is an ex-representative of the governorate of Ismailia in the Shura Council. His safe return was widely celebrated in his home town.

His abduction caused 200 of his supporters to cut the Ismailia-Suez desert road on Monday, protesting the lack of security and demanding his safe return.


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