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Adel Heine
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This week’s roundup of the new movies in our cinema is short and sweet. Maybe even cloying. Only one new movie hits the theatres: Think like a man.

The movie is based on the, apparent, popular book of the same name by self-help guru Steve Harvey. The book urges women to, yes, you guessed it, think like a man in order to solve their relationship issues.

Examples from the bestseller are used as the storylines for a troupe of enthusiastic actors and we are told the author shows up in cameo appearances and smiling from dust jackets.

If you enjoy a light-hearted ensemble movie it sounds like this would be one you would enjoy.

Be warned though, those critics that were unkind did so with vim and vigour. Our favourite comment was made by Xan Brooks in The Guardian: Beware beaming self-publicists bearing relationship advice. Those bold, bright one-liners point the way to a life of abject humiliation.

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