Shorouk City to offer 100 acres for bidding, starting 2013

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By Badawy Shalaby

Abdelmoteleb Mamdouh, head of the El-Shorouk City administration, announced that the city will make 100 acres available for investors at the beginning of next year.

The land is suitable for all commercial or educational purposes.

Mamdouh said that the plots will range from 8,400 square metres to five acres.

The city will sell the land in public auctions and that the land will be zoned according to the cities needs.

He added that 900 housing units have been built, which represents the city’s EGP 57m share of the National Housing Project.

The units will be delivered by the end of the current year.

The city’s budget last year reached EGP 90m and EGP 8m in electricity projects were implemented to serve the third, fifth, and sixth districts.

The city spent EGP 11m on road construction and transportation projects to serve the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and ninth districts.

EGP 10.7m were spent on water projects, including a 1400mm water line and water storage tanks.

The city also spent EGP 42m to raise the main water treatment facility’s capacity to 600,000 cubic metres a day.

In addition, two schools will be completed by 2013 at a cost of EGP 8.6million.

Mamdouh requested an extra EGP 56m for the city’s 2012-2013 budget for a total of EGP 145 m.

The city submitted a list of proposed projects to the New Urban Communities Authority.

The city administration considers electricity projects a priority.

The cost of the projects is estimated at EGP 20m and includes building new stations.

EGP 66m is needed to pave roads, EGP 13m for water projects, EGP 27m for public sanitation, EGP 11.5m for agricultural projects, EGP 6.5m for educational services, and EGP 1.5m for public services.

The city will announce the names of recent land auction winners in August.

The land is allocated for commercial, educational, administrative, and leisure purposes.

The first plot is zoned for leisure and has an area of 17,000 square metres. Five companies and a number of individuals submitted bids for the land.

The second plot is allocated for a medical centre and has an area of 2,206 square metres.

The company Dar Al Omran is one of several companies that submit bids.

The third plot is allocated for administrative buildings and has an area of 1,580 square metres.

Eight companies submitted bids, including Smart House, Future House, Middle East Star, Dar Al Omran, MisrKafiyya, and Al Rehab.

The fourth plot is allocated for commercial and administrative uses and has an area of 1,000 square metres.

11 companies have already submitted bids for the land. The fifth plot has an area of 1,907 square meters and has been allocated for a nursery school. Five companies submitted bids for the land.

The sixth plot has an area of 11,650 square meters. Nine bids were submitted, among them five companies and the rest individuals.

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