Mubarak served to stand trial in criminal court, remains in Sharm

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By Yehia Zakaria and Tamim Elyan

SINAI: Ousted president Hosni Mubarak was served Tuesday a legal summons from the Tor Sinai Court, referring him to an unidentified criminal court, to stand trial on charges of killing protestors, misuse of power, incurring damages to public funds and profiteering.

Mohamed El-Khatib, head of the South Sinai security directorate, told Daily News Egypt that no security preparations were underway to transfer Mubarak from Sharm El-Sheikh.

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor General said in a statement that a doctors committee recommended in its report that Mubarak not be transferred outside the hospital and that Tora prison isn’t equipped to receive a patient in critical or unstable situation.

The committee said that the ousted president is suffering from cardiac problems and a general state of “weakness, depression and muscular feebleness” and needs help getting out of his bed.

The prosecution sent copies of the committee’s report to the Criminal Court to which Mubarak was referred and to the Ministry of Interior to complete necessary preparations in the Tora Prison Hospital.

The report said that Mubarak suffers from repeated heart palpitations accompanied by low blood pressure and momentary failure in the brain’s blood circulation which results in momentary loss of consciousness.

He also suffers from turbulence in his heartbeats that may lead to cardiac arrests.

The Prosecutor General assigned a committee of specialists in heart diseases and critical cases care to re-examine Mubarak and to report his health condition and advise on the possibility of transferring him to Tora prison.

The committee is comprised of specialists from a number of Egyptian universities and from the International Health Center and Sharm El-Sheikh Hospital.

It recommended appointing a team of doctors to supervise Mubarak’s treatment.

Prosecutor General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud had referred Mubarak along with his sons Gamal and Alaa and businessman Hussein Salem to the Cairo Criminal Court last week.

However, El-Khatib said that he was not informed of any plans to transfer Mubarak from Sharm El-Sheikh, adding that heavy security continued to surround the hospital where Mubarak is being treated.

He said that Mubarak was notified of his referral to a criminal court four days ago.

The former president has been in Sharm El-Sheikh International Hospital’s intensive care unit under heavy security for medical reasons, ever since he and his two sons were detained on April 13.

Mubarak was charged with premeditated and attempted murder. He was also accused of cooperating with former interior minister Habib El-Adly and senior police officials to deliberately kill protestors who were demanding the overthrow of the regime.

He faces other charges of accepting gifts as the president, namely a palace and four villas in Sharm El-Sheikh worth LE 40 million, in return for symbolic amounts of money to facilitate businessman Salem’s ownership of millions of meters of state-owned land in South Sinai.

Mubarak was also allegedly involved with former petroleum minister Sameh Fahmy and Salem in enabling Salem to make over $2 billion in profits by allowing his company to export gas to Israel illegally at prices lower than the production costs. This resulted in losses for the state estimated at $714 million, which mark the difference between the price of gas exported to Israel and international prices.


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