High ranking Libyan official lands in Cairo

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CAIRO: Senior Libyan official Abdel-Rahman Al-Zawi, a member of embattled leader Moamer Qaddafi’s inner circle, landed in Cairo on Wednesday, an airport official told AFP.

Major General Al-Zawi, who is responsible for logistics and supplies, arrived in Cairo on board a Libyan private plane, as rebels in Libya fought to overthrow Qaddafi.

A Greek official said earlier a private Libyan jet had crossed through Greek-monitored airspace heading from Libya to Egypt.

The official said the small civilian aircraft flew through the airspace monitored by Greek air-traffic controllers for about 15 minutes on Wednesday. The official didn’t say who was on the plane. Greek state TV said the plane belonged to the Libyan government but cited no source for its information.

The Greek official spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to give details of the flight.

There have been no public contacts between the Libyan regime and Egypt’s ruling generals since the Libyan uprising broke out on Feb. 15.

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