April 6 join National Association to collect signatures for political reform

Tamim Elyan
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CAIRO: The April 6 Youth Movement announced Saturday that their political awareness campaign "Our Egypt, Our Right" will join forces with the National Association for Change’s door knocking campaign to collect signatures supporting calls for constitutional reform.

"Our campaign’s main goal is to create political awareness through interactions with ordinary Egyptians and convincing them to sign our petition for change," coordinator of the movement Ahmed Maher told Daily News Egypt.

"Both campaigns resemble each other a lot and have a lot of common members. We found that it will help us become more efficient if we joined forces through coordination and using a unified signature collecting form," he added.

With more volunteers working in the same area, Maher says the campaign will have a bigger effect and signatures will receive a boost.

The National Association for Change says it is approaching the one million-signature milestone of citizens approving its seven demands which include putting an end to emergency law, enforcing judicial supervision over elections, adopting more democratic rules for candidacy in presidential elections and modifying articles 76, 77 and 88 of the constitution which regulate presidential elections, the number of terms a president can hold and judicial oversight over elections.

The door-knocking campaign, to last for three months and spans 12 cities, has campaigners visiting people at their homes to collect signatures. They also leave give a flag as a sign of participation in the campaign.

According to Maher, the joint campaign is set to distribute booklets explaining the relevant articles of the constitution they wish to amend, the role of the People’s Assembly and the idea of democracy.




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