Algerian Foreign Minister 'hopes to turn a new leaf' with Egypt

Omnia Al Desoukie
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CAIRO: Algerian Foreign Minister Mourad Medlici expressed his goodwill towards Egypt and said he hoped to turn a new leaf with Egyptians in a telephone interview with London-based Asharq Alawsat newspaper Tuesday.

His statement was a reference to the tension brewing between Egypt and Algeria since the violence that took place in Sudan after the World Cup decider between the two countries’ national teams on Nov. 18.

He added that the Algerian government “holds the utmost respect and appreciation for Egypt, its people and its government and that there was no need for any mediators.

“We respect Libya and the Arab League for their [mediation] initiatives, but the relationship between Egypt and Algeria is strong enough to cope with the problem, adding that the Algerian government is responsible for clearing the air in Algeria, and thanked the Egyptian Foreign Ministry for calming down the situation in Egypt.

Regarding compensation for Egyptian businesses that were attacked by angry Algerian fans in Algeria, Medlici said that the issue will go through the necessary insurance channels in accordance with the laws of both countries.

Egyptian fans attending the WC decider in Sudan last month complained that their Algerian counterparts had chased them down the streets of Khartoum with knives and machetes after the game, which Algeria won 1-0. The Egyptian Health Ministry confirmed the eyewitness reports, saying that 21 people were admitted to hospitals upon their return to Egypt suffering a variety of wounds ranging from fractures, to bruises and cuts.

On a related note, MP Mohamed Khalil Kwaitah proposed an amendment to Egyptian law stipulating that cases involving the abuse of Egyptians abroad must be heard within the Egyptian court system, where the final verdict would be announced.

The amendment was presented to the PA’s proposals and complaints committee to be discussed during the current parliamentary session.

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