Megahed's family urges Obama to intervene

Safaa Abdoun
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CAIRO: The family of an Egyptian student who was recently acquitted from criminal charges in the US, have sent a letter to US President Barack Obama and other federal officials asking them to release the 23 year-old Egyptian.

Youssef Megahed was arrested in August 2007 and faced federal charges for owning explosives. After being acquitted by a federal court, he was arrested again and will be tried again by immigration authorities who will determine whether he should be deported.

The jurors who acquitted Megahed had criticized the arrest order.

In the letter, the family says that by arresting Megahed, the immigration authorities are “ignoring a federal jury and federal court’s decision and gives the government an unfair opportunity to continue depriving Youssef from his freedom, according to the Egyptian news portal Masrawy.

They’ve described what the immigration authorities are doing as “illegal, unconstitutional and immoral.

They’ve also called on the Obama administration in the letter to make a quick move and give Megahed back his freedom.

Megahed and his family are legal US residents and live in Tampa, Florida.

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