Egypt urges mobile companies to encourage COVID-19 vaccination among employees

Mohamed Alaa El-Din
1 Min Read

Egypt’s National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has urged the mobile companies operating in the domestic market to encourage their employees to receive the vaccine against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The focus of the vaccination should particularly be placed on those employees at branches and service centres who deal directly with customers. 

The NTRA also directed for mobile companies to take all preventive and precautionary measures approved by the Ministry of Health and Population, while providing all services to users.

This comes as part of the agency’s keenness on supporting the state’s plan to limit the potential repercussions of COVID-19. It also aims to ensure the safety of users of telecommunications services dealing with companies’ branches and service centres.

The move to encourage widespread vaccination against the virus comes as part of the Egyptian Government’s recent decisions regarding limiting the potential repercussions of the pandemic.

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