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Safaa Abdoun
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CAIRO: When Kareem Farid decided to settle in his hometown, Cairo, after jetting around the world as a regional project manager in the banking industry, he wanted to offer the residents of his city services that are missing.

Cairo We Care was born offering services people always wished were available but have traditionally are not.

“I sat down with my fiancée and we asked ourselves ‘what can be done in Egypt?’ Now with the recession . we needed something simple that people can benefit from, Farid told Daily News Egypt.

Walk My Dog

“I’m a pet freak, admitted Farid, and fittingly, the first idea that came to mind was animal-related: a dog walking service. It was basic enough, something all dogs need that not all pet owners may have time to do.

Farid selects the dog walkers based on their experience in dealing with animals. “We do not approve of cruel behavior towards animals. Our team fully respects animal rights and believes that good treatment leads to love and great conduct, the company says on its website.

They will soon be offering more services including veterinary services, phone emergency assistance as well as pet food and grooming products to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

But Farid has a mission behind Walk My Dog, he wants to take all the proceeds from it and use it to build an orphanage for stray dogs on a large plot of land. “The concept of animal rights is absolutely non-existent in Egypt.I’m shocked by what I see so I want to do something for them, he explained.

Styling Cairo

Cairo We Care’s second project is Styling Cairo, the country’s first online on-call beauty salon, which offers hair styling, nail care, massage, facial care, make-up, hair concealing and waxing.

While the services was created with women in mind, male clients are also welcome.

Clean My House

It’s always hard to find a dependable cleaning service that you can trust, and in Egypt you typically have to try out try out several cleaning people before you finally settle on one that does things the way you like. Rarely do we need someone to clean our homes all day or even everyday, so it’s idea to have someone come clean once or twice a week.

Clean My House is one of the services offered. “I have personally tried all the cleaning people we have and we trust them. Our clients can call and ask for a specific person that was recommended by a friend or family member, explained Farid.

For Farid, there are numerous services to offer Cairenes to make their lives easier, and as he says on their website, “All we care about is Cairo.

For more information, visit www.cairowecare.com. Tel: 010 855 8816.

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