Zomor calls for moral compensation

Magdy Samaan
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CAIRO: Tarek El-Zomor, member of the Jihad organization and allegedly one of late president Anwar Sadat’s assassins, is demanding moral compensation to salvage his image in society after being imprisoned for his involvement in the 1981 parade shooting.

In a memo presented yesterday by his lawyer Nizar Ghorab to the Attorney General of South Giza, El-Zomor said: “The legal punishment faced by a convict stands in the face of fair and honest social integration [upon release] and their entitlement to certain rights of which they have been stripped during the sentence execution.

The moral compensation will act as a reminder to society of the convict’s achievements before detainment, according to the memo.

El-Zomor received an undergraduate degree in law, degrees in Quranic recital and Sharia as well as a doctorate in constitutional law.

“The mechanisms used by the government when implementing such sentences serves as a lifetime barrier that hinders the convict’s ability to reenter political or social affairs, in an effort to hush all members of the opposition, said Ghorab, emphasizing that what El-Zomor wishes to achieve is a clear slate to be able to pursue his political activities without facing any resistance from the government.

El-Zomor and his cousin Abboud El-Zomor, believed to be the leader of the outlawed Jihad movement, have been imprisoned since their conviction in 1984, although they were only sentenced to 20 years. They have been in constant struggle with both the interior ministry and the Prosecutor General demanding their release.

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