Nine-year-old girl found dead in Minya school

Yasmine Saleh
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CAIRO: A nine-year-old student Almaz Maghawry was found killed inside her school in Minya last Tuesday.

The student was murdered by one of the school workers, Khaled Abou Takia, 40, who strangled her to steal her gold earrings, according to the local press.

The Minya governor announced that the killer was arrested a few hours after the murder.

Commenting on the heinous crime, MP Aly Laban, a former school teacher, told Daily News Egypt blamed the lack of a proper education strategy and “strong security regulations for the crime. He added that there was too much corruption.

The only way to improve the education system in Egypt, he says, is by getting the government out of it and allowing NGOs to run all schools.

“The PA should be able to take serious steps against the government officials who fail to do their jobs and eventually people will regain their sense of responsibility and trust the government.

Almaz’s case was not the first death of a schoolchild in Egypt. Last December, a 23-year-old mathematics teacher Haitham Nabil Abdel Hamid was sentenced to six years in prison, for kicking 11-year-old Islam Badr to death in October 2008.

While announcing the verdict, the Judge expressed his deep “discontent and disapproval of the deteriorating conditions that the educational system has reached in Egypt .

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