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Who wouldn’t want to live in a hut by the sea? And if not for a lifetime, maybe just for a few days?

The minute I stepped onto Ananda Beach, the Scorpions’ hit started resonating in my head: “Let me take you far away, you would like a holiday. Indeed, it is a unique vacation destination.

Hundreds upon hundreds of concrete blocks are being laid out along the Red Sea coast. Lovely? Perhaps; but what if I don’t feel like staying in a typical five-star hotel? What if I just want to relax with no animation team, fixed meal times and crowded beaches? Don’t get me wrong. I like to be pampered, but I also appreciate privacy and exclusivity.

There is a widely held misconception that opting to stay at one of the lodging facility offering huts for accommodations translates into “roughing it, a far cry from the comforts of luxurious resorts. By all means, you won’t find your favorite drink chilled in the room’s mini-bar, but that doesn’t mean huts are only for vagabonds.

It’s not air-conditioned and is furnished only with the basic necessities. To be more specific, your accommodations will likely only comprise of a mattress on the sand, a shelf and a mirror. But what more do you need when you wake up in the morning, step outside and are practically hugging the sea. If all you want to do is laze around, you can plop yourself on one of the hammocks by the sea and lose yourself in the tranquil milieu.

Sometimes we need to get away, preferably by ourselves or maybe with a close friend. The coastal stretch between Taba and Nuwieba (the area is locally known as Bir Swear) features tens of lodging facilities where you can stay in huts

During my visit, I chose Ananda Beach, a secluded beach with a limited number of huts. For a mere LE 60 per night you can choose between two huts: one by the sea with no electricity and the sandy beach as the floor, or a hut that has cement tiling and electricity, but are located further inland. Electricity is available in the main reception area, but only until midnight when the generators are switched off.

The quoted price doesn’t include food and beverages, but you can always go to nearby Nuwieba to pick up some groceries or have dinner at one of the restaurants. If you are feeling too relaxed to drive those extra 15 km, try the home-style cooking of Ananda’s chef – who is simply a great cook.

There are more and more hotels and resorts being developed everyday, and it’s getting harder to choose between them. But sometimes, it’s best to ditch the whole lot and go for something different. No pampering spa, no DJ rocking the beach, no room service at the touch of a button. It’s time to trade life’s superficial pleasures for a hut by the sea.

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