What to wear for graduation

Safaa Abdoun
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Let’s face it graduates, it hasn’t been easy getting to this day. Graduation – a crucial and exhilarating moment in our lives, a major turning point at which we throw up our caps and start facing the real world. And we all want to do this looking our best.

Forget about those party-poopers who think that what you wear under your gown isn’t important as it’s covered up by the gown. After all, graduation is still a big occasion in your life and the challenge to find something suitable makes it all more appealing. Here are the few tips to help you find that perfect outfit.

After the walk down the aisle, the walk across the stage to receive your diploma is the second most important walk in your life, so make sure you do it gracefully – and it all depends on what you’re wearing on your feet. Stilettos are not practical at all, even though they look great. On the other hand, flat footwear doesn’t look all that formal, so go for a reasonable sized comfy heel, or if you’re tall enough go for the kitten heel.

Just keep in mind that you will be standing for a long time before the ceremony and then you’ll have to walk some distance for the processional, so make sure you have something comfortable on.

Selecting an outfit to go under your gown can be a tricky task but try asking yourself a simple question first: do you want to show off your legs from underneath your gown or not?

If the answer is yes, then you have to hit the shops looking for skirts or dresses. All sorts of dresses from cottons and linens to chiffons and satins are now available in the stores. If you have a limited budget check out Vero Moda, Axara and Promod at City Stars. If you have the urge to splurge check out See by Chloe at Beymen or Ego.

Make sure to stay away from any fluffy or loose dresses and skirts. They will only blow up your gown and make you look larger in the photos. One more thing to keep in mind while picking out either one is its length relative to the length of your gown. The gown must always be longer; having a skirt shorter than the gown will make you look sloppy.

If you choose to cover up your legs, go for the style of pants that best suits you, whether they are slim fits or wide-legged, just make sure you stay away from leggings or Bermuda pants. If you are wearing a dark-colored gown, go for black or navy-blue pants. Light-colors will be a mismatch.

If your gown is white any dark colors or prints are going to show through, so stick to white or pastels – this goes for all tops, pants, skirts and dresses.

When it comes to your hairstyle at graduation, keep it simple and stay away from pony-tails, buns and anything from the movie Hair Spray as the caps do not accommodate those carefully prepared hairdos. If you are having trouble keeping your cap in place, just use hairpins but make sure to take them out before throwing your cap in the air or you’ll end up with a mess on your head.

As for accessories, pick out a nice pair of dangling earnings but make sure they aren’t too intricate or they’ll get caught on your tassel.

Last but not least, the guys; please keep the fantasy of wearing your boxer shorts under you gown to one side, and stick to the business suit for now. Take off the jacket before putting on your gown because you’ll probably get warm during the ceremony and it will be difficult to try to take it off then, plus it’s more comfortable that way.

And now, just relax and welcome the beginnings in your new life with style.

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