Con-artists use new tricks to target foreigners

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Two jobless men invented a new way of swindling foreigners in Egypt, capturing their attention with some sports games.

One of the two jobless men is Atef Al-Sayed, who is known as Atef Al-Zein, who is classified by the police as a category B criminal, as he was arrested several times before for other crimes. The other one is Mohamed Abdel-Hakim, who is also registered as a dangerous category B thief.

Both swindlers start by joking around with their targets, while convincing them that they were practicing a street sport. Under the impression that this was a traditional welcome ritual, the foreigners would interact with them innocently only to realize that they were swindled moments after the two thieves escape in a car, waiting for them nearby.

The men were arrested when the police made inquiries about the car, which the police found out was rented.

During questioning, they confessed to stealing $2400 from a man who works as an aviation official at an oil services company.

They also confessed to swindling a Japanese national called who works as an expert in Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and another one who owns a travel agency.

The two were referred to the prosecution.

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