High security, few protestors at second planned garbage march

Alexandra Sandels
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CAIRO: Security and plainclothes police officers in full armor barricaded Al-Mattariya square on Sunday afternoon as Kefaya activists reportedly were planning to hold a second garbage march to protest the governor’s decree to add garbage collection fees to electricity bills

Only a small number of activists turned up for the march due to the high security control.

“There are not many protestors here because they are scared of security. The whole Midan is full of police officers as you can see , Mohamed Aish, organizer of the protest, tells the Daily Star in a small coffee shop while pointing towards the square.

On November 13, Mohamed al-Ashqar, the organizer of a garbage march in Giza, mysteriously disappeared the night before the protest after visiting a local Cairo police station in Cairo.

“We will gather to see what we can do, but there are not a lot of people here which makes it hard , Aish continues.

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