Jailhouse celebration

Ahmed Maged
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CAIRO: Three prison inmates in Al-Marg celebrated the release of their fellow inmate by forcing him to take off his clothes and abusing him sexually, reported Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The 16-year-old inmate, who had been dancing with joy in front of other inmates after he received news of his release, was shocked to find three of them flashing razors at him.

The rapists asked him to take off his clothes. His screams and cries for help did not reach the guards. The other boys in the ward refused to take action. The case was reported to the police and will be remanded to prosecution.

In a similar case, three other juveniles took a friend to a flat in Zatoun, where the victim was beaten and molested.

The three juvenile aggressors, all aged 14, decided to settle their differences with their friend by inviting him to the flat belonging to one of them. The victim suffered wounds and bruises as a result of the beating. His watch and shoes were also stolen.

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