Crime can't wait for the end of Ramadan

Ahmad Aboul-Wafa
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Firecracker prank leads to murder; Teacher and supervisor brawl in front of school

CAIRO: What has become evident from perusing crime pages throughout the week is that criminals are not waiting for the holy month of Ramadan to end to carry out their rimes.

In Al-Gomhoreya newspaper, a civil servant was killed while preventing his neighbor from harassing his wife. A fight between the two families left the civil servant dead from stab wounds to his stomach and neck. Four others were wounded.

Al-Gomhoreya newspaper also reported that on a single day a total of 13 quarrels left three dead and 63 injured.

In Al-Ahram Al-Masaey, a farmer in his thirties killed his wife and burned her body with corrosive material. He said his crime was a result of her bad manners.

A 30-year-old man killed his 74-year-old friend in order to rob his store. The old man’s body was found in the store and although initially no one could identify the murderer, he was discovered within hours. He admitted killing the man in order to rob the store, stating that he had only found LE 750.

Firecrackers, a customary part in the end of Ramadan feast, also made the news.

Police stopped a car transporting firecrackers from Tanta to Alexandria. The car was carrying 68,000 firecrackers.

Firecrackers also sparked a murder in Aswan, when a secondary school student killed a friend. The dead boy had thrown a firecracker in the face of the murderer who then stabbed him in the chest and heart

Al-Masry Al-Youm reported that the court had sentenced two brothers to death for killing their mother and leaving her body in a canal in Shebein Al-Kom in 2004.

Traffic accidents are a major cause of death for Egyptians in Egypt. But apparently they are also a prominent cause of death for Egyptians abroad.

Three Egyptians were killed in a traffic accident in Kuwait. An additional 28 were injured in the same accident. All were traveling from Kuwait to Saudi Arabia to visit the holy land.

In another accident, 20 people were killed in Maghaga when a truck collided with a microbus. All involved were left dead except one, who was severely injured. Investigators have yet to locate witnesses.

Egypt’s much-criticized educational system has even found its way onto the crime pages.

In Sohag in front of a school, a teacher shot his supervisor with a gun. The supervisor stabbed him back before he lost consciousness.

In Port Said, young men broke into a girls’ school to take their girlfriends out. They thrilled all the students and teachers with blades and Swiss Army knives. Surprisingly, investigators blamed the girlfriends.

A young man who had graduated from the faculty of arts with a rating of very good decided to end his life when he found that he could not get a job.

Another man killed himself because he had failed his last year at the faculty of commerce. Failing a course in economy for the fourth time led him into a deep depression.

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