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Ayman Okeil, GM of Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights

Civil society and the challenges of the law

Civil society was one of the key actors in the Egyptian political and social movement, witnessed during the last 10 years. This movement led to two great revolutionary waves on 25 January, 2011, and 30 June, 2013. The first one was against a corrupt system that came through rigged elections. The second was against a …

Ahmed Tharwat

Notes from America: Tahrir Square and the birth of a nation

On my last visit to Egypt, as I landed at the airport I noticed that Egypt has changed. Security were screaming the names of VIPs or travellers who have connections. I went through the check out. “Do you have anything in these bags,” asked the airport security? “Not really a few gifts and my underwear,” …

Mohammed Nosseir

Another revolution is improbable – but social explosion is increasingly likely

By Mohammed Nosseir One of the many advantages of having a properly functioning democratic system is that heated elections are invariably followed by a period during which society settles down as winners get busy with the business of ruling and losers start preparing for the next round of elections. Ordinarily, the rule of law ensures …


In Pictures: NDP headquarters demolished

Parts of the headquarters of the National Democratic Party (NDP) of former president Hosni Mubarak were demolished on Sunday. The headquarters were burned during the 25 January Revolution, having not been in use since Mubarak’s ouster. The site of the building, close to the iconic Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, will be used for a …