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aman for e-payment services

Aman familiarises citizens with e-payment services

Aman for e-Payments has organised a celebration in Shubra Al Kheima to familiarise citizens with its services. The celebration also aims to encourage the people to take part in its electronic payment system in order to accomplish the vision of the company, which is aiming to create more efficient communities in terms of financial inclusion. …

Daily News Egypt

Og Money

Single, secure mobile app for all digital transactions launches in MEA

Og Money provides digital financial services to reach the 2 billion people and 200 million businesses without credit or savings in emerging economies One Global has launched a mobile app as a single, secure platform for all digital financial services across the Middle East and Africa. The Og Money platform, formerly known as PayIt, already …

Daily News Egypt


47% of cyber phishing attacks in 2016 are financial

According to Massachusetts-based cyber-security-solution firm Kaspersky, financial phishing attacks were at an all-time high last year, with financial attacks accounting for nearly half (47.48%) of the 155m phishing scams recorded in total. Phishing attacks cost the least for cyber criminals to launch. According to the “Financial Cyberthreats in 2016” report, financial phishing attacks increased by …

Shaimaa Raafat

Samsung prices

Samsung reduces prices of mobile phones by 5.6%

Samsung reduced the prices of its mobile phones for the second consecutive time at a ratio between 3% and 5.6% from the beginning of March. The price of the Piton declined from EGP 420 to EGP 400, a reduction of 4.8%. According to the price list obtained by Daily News Egypt, the price of the …

Daily News Egypt


Oppo sales increase 100% in 2016: managing director

Managing director of Oppo for Africa and the Middle East Andy Shi said that the company achieved sales increases of more than 100% in 2016, compared to the year before, adding that the rate might have doubled if it was not for the pound flotation. He expects a better rate after the currency stabilises. He …

Daily News Egypt


3% decline in iPhone prices, 4% in iPads this month

The price of iPhones declined by 3% in February, where according to the new price list of Apple products, the iPhone 7 Plus has declined by 3%, from EGP 19,999 to EGP 19,399, whereas the price of the iPhone 7 Plus-28GB declined from EGP 22,699 to EGP 22,018. The iPhone Plus 7-256GB declined from EGP …

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