34% of Egyptians live in insufficient housing

Shaimaa Al-Aees
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One-third of Egyptian families (34.1%) live in insufficient housing, according to 10 Tooba for Applied Research on the Built Environment.

The centre recently issued the Built Environment Deprivation Indicator (BEDI), explaining that the households are deprived of one or more of six quantifiable components that have been used to define adequate housing: affordability, durable housing, secure tenure, sufficient living space (crowding), safe water, and improved sanitation.

The study added that Upper Egypt is the most deprived, as the percentage of households living in an insufficient environment ranged between 37.4% in Luxor and 51.3% in Qena, the most deprived governorate in Egypt.

Furthermore, the Delta region had the second highest deprivation, where it ranged between 29.4% in Menoufiya and 43.5% in Gharbeya.

However, Greater Cairo was just under the national average, where between 23.7% and 33.6% of households were deprived.

Households in the Suez Canal region experienced below average deprivation, ranging between 22.2% and 27.9%. Additionally, New Valley, the least deprived governorate, registered 5%, with the Red Sea at 19.5%.

The study noted that 54.3% of Egyptians are considered cost burdened, with rents or house prices surpassing their ability to pay.

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