Luxor governor, mayors allowed judicial seizure

Amira El-Fekki
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Luxor Governor Mohamed Badr received Sunday Ministry of Justice approval to grant local mayors the judicial seizure right, entitling them to arrest citizens who break the law.

According to governorate media spokesperson Omar Shawky, the governor has yet to order the implementation of the decision.

“The reason is that there is a very high rate of violations and illegal seizure of agricultural and other state-owned lands, especially after the 2011 revolution,” Shawky told Daily News Egypt Monday.

Shawky added that over a month ago, the governor was inspecting a gas factory at night, when a truck carrying gas cylinders exited without the necessary documents or permits.

“The governor’s hands were tied regarding the arrest of the driver. He had to call the assistance of somebody from the Ministry of Interior. This is how the issue started,” Shawky stated.

According to Egypt’s Criminal Procedure Law 150/1950, the execution power of judicial seizure is accorded to all Ministry of Interior affiliated institutions. These include members and assistants in the prosecution general authorities, police officers, aides and conscripts, and security chiefs.

Moreover, the power is granted to directors and managers of public railway authorities, public transportation and inspectors of the Ministry of Tourism. Code 23 of the law also allows the Minister of Justice to accord permission to arrest to government officials such as mayors.

The system was previously applied in April for the governorate of Alexandria, when 10 heads of municipalities were granted judicial seizure power to face illegal construction, Al-Ahram reported.


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