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Obama requests Soltan’s release on health grounds

Prison medical report states "Soltan faking hunger strike", court refuses intervention

Egyptian- American activist Mohammed Soltan has been on hunger strike since 26 January (AFP PHOTO / STR)
Egyptian- American activist Mohammed Soltan has been on hunger strike since 26 January

Cairo Criminal Court denounced on Wednesday the US administration’s requests to release Egyptian-American activist Mohamed Soltan,son of the prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader Salah Soltan, postponing his trial to 5 November.

Soltan’s lawyer Halim Henish said US President Barack Obama asked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to release Soltan on bail, on account of his deteriorating health. An Egyptian foreign ministry letter to the vourt said that the request came during the United Nations’ General Assembly meetings in September.

The court received another letter from the US Embassy, presenting a petition before the prosecutor general with the same request. The court added that this is not intended as an intervention in internal affairs but a humanitarian request, and that Soltan would still not leave Egypt.

The prosecution presented medical reports from the prison saying that Soltan’s health condition was stable and that he is faking his hunger strike, said Hanish.

The court said it refused the interference of any country or party in a “purely judicial affair”, and that the Egyptian judiciary is independent and separate from any political dimensions, even if the defendant is a citizen of another country.

Mohamed Soltan has been on hunger strike for 270 days. The ‚ÄúOperations Room‚ÄĚ trial involves 52 defendants including the Muslim Brotherhood‚Äôs Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie.

The defendants are charged with ‚Äúforming an operations room to direct the Muslim Brotherhood group to defy the government during the Rabaa [Al-Adaweya] sit-in dispersal‚ÄĚ, according to the statement¬†released by the prosecutor general‚Äôs office in February.

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