Rights group calls for investigation into death of detainee

Daily News Egypt
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The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights (EOHR) condemned incidents of torture in Egyptian police stations, saying such practices are against revolutionary demands and constitutional guarantees.

EOHR specifically called for an “urgent investigation” into the death of 46 year-old Ezzat Abdel Fattah, who was killed inside Mattareya Police Station on 8 May.

The rights group, in a statement issued on Thursday, pointed out that the forensic report issued on 16 May indicated that Abdel Fattah sustained a severe concussion with bleeding to the brain after hitting a wall.

The report also stated that the detainee had abrasions all over his body, a brain hemorrhage, fractures to the ribs, and bleeding in the chest cavity.

EOHR further demanded legislative reform for parts of the Code of Criminal Procedure that dealt with torture to guarantee speedy trials and adequate compensation for victims.

Article 52 of the constitution prohibits all forms of torture, classifying it as a crime with no statute of limitations. However incidents of torture at the hands of Egyptian police continue to be reported.

Last month eleven civil society organisations called for investigations into allegations of violence against detainees in Wadi Al-Natrun Prison. The Ministry of Interior responded by accusing “brotherhood terrorists” in the prison of possessing contraband, and blamed detainees for an altercation that broke out in the prison.

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