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Cabinet announces initiative to follow ‘democratic road map’

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The cabinet commended the Interior Ministry for its recent arrests of “ a number of elements threatening national security”

The interim cabinet released an initiative addressing the “future democratic road map” after a Wednesday meeting to discuss internal security, the economy and international issues, according to a summary posted on the cabinet’s Facebook page.

The cabinet commended the Interior Ministry for its recent arrests of “ a number of elements threatening national security” after reviewing “the efforts carried out by the security forces in securing the streets, residential areas, roads, government facilities and public utilities,” according to the summary.

The cabinet said that the government was prioritising economic recovery, and was working to resolve the “deficit of the state budget, foreign currency liquidity while meeting food, medicine and energy demands.”

The cabinet also announced its creation of an 11-point initiative to “protect the democratic process which opens the door for participation from all citizens of Egypt”; its articles include goals for “complete restructuring of the human rights committees” and “protecting rights and freedoms”, said the post on Facebook.

According to the meeting summary, the initiative calls for a national program of transitional justice to create “re-compatibility, unity and harmony of the Egyptian society through the mechanics of openness, accountability and reconciliation.”

The cabinet added “fact-finding commissions for various crimes associated with the revolution or following it” would be established.

The cabinet stated that the initiative “ensures the protection of places of worship as well as providing respect to all religious factions of society.”

The cabinet also praised the people of Egypt for “committing to the times of the curfew” describing this as evidence of the “unity of the people of Egypt with the army and police.”

The army is currently enforcing a curfew from 7pm until 6am, following the dispersal of sit-ins at Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda Squarea and resulting street violence. This week interim vice president Mohamed ElBaradei resigned in protest of the government’s dispersal of the protests.

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