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Egypt is not a weak state: Presidential press conference

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“We will be victorious against terrorism and violence…extremist powers have been running the show”

Mostafa Hegazy, a political strategist and former professor at the University of South California, who was appointed by President Adly Mansour as the presidency's political adviser

Mostafa Hegazy, a political strategist and former professor at the University of South California, was appointed by President Mansour as the presidency’s political adviser

The presidency held a press conference Saturday afternoon to address their stance concerning the current situation since Wednesday’s dispersal of the two pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins.

Mostafa Hegazy, a political strategist and former professor at the University of South California, who was appointed by interim President Adly Mansour as the presidency’s political adviser held the press conference.

Hegazy started the conference with an introduction in English directed at foreign media, then allowed a translator to translate it into Arabic, and vice versa.

Hegazy said the people “expressed their view against religious fascism and [those] who wanted to strip away Egyptians from their ‘Egyptian-ism’.”

He continued saying that the presidential office is clear regarding their respect of “freedom of protest and expression”.

The spokesman was asked questions regarding international media in response to which he listed a series of events that international media failed to cover such as the burning of churches as well as the attack of police stations.

A reporter asked Hegazy regarding “the international diplomatic position” of the presidency regarding Qatar and other states to which he answered: “every situation will be dealt with according to its time” and “Egypt has proper analysis of the international stance currently, who stand with terrorism and who doesn’t.”

Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood leaders captured and their trials Hegazy stated that trials will begin “as soon as all leaders with arrest warrants are captured.”

A French journalist asked Hegazy that he heard about a mass grave within Rabaa Al-Adaweya however after visiting he did not find the grave, with Hegazy answering: “other media outlets have seen it.”

Regarding the Brotherhood’s political presence Hegazy said that if “anyone from [the] Muslim brotherhood or non-Muslim Brotherhood, would like to join Egyptian movement towards democracy peacefully they’ll be more than welcome.”

He affirmed that the current situation cannot be justified as a political disagreement: “this is terrorism…and we give the people who went out on the 30th a promise, we will combat terrorism, we are at war with terrorism at the moment and Egypt will defend its sovereignty.”

He ended by saying: “Egyptian people have had their say on June 30th  refusing religious fascism, the brotherhood should join the peoples wish.”

He stressed on the importance of a legal frame for the state to be present through a “constitution for all Egyptians by all Egyptians”

  • abdul .a. shaiky

    A woman in Al-Adawiya’“We elected [Mohammed] Morsi, not the military council,” says a woman in Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque Square. And she directs a very simple question to the TV news microphone extended to her. She asks who stole her vote, addressing her question to the whole world, the US and to the entire European Union.

    Everyone knows the answer.

    Actually, there is a very simple fact that stands out. Everything has unfolded before our eyes.

    Egypt’s democratically elected president was overthrown by the army. This is the crux of the matter and above all, the immorality of this coup d’état needed to be acknowledged.

    • AmitGhosh

      hahaha Islamists taking the refuge of democracy only when its suits them ?? You are a nut case we have learned to ignore

  • sailor27

    Oh my goodness.
    A voice of sanity.

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  • mohamed

    Presidential press conference

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  • mohamed

    as a matter of fact an elected president or a group of people who judge people upon their religious background and spreading hatred and discrimination between people in a country known for being peaceful having all Muslims and Coptic Christians living together for centuries , really doesn’t deserve to stay , as well as keeping in mind the full support by “al-Qaeda”where the flags appear in all the MBs protests.

  • http://www.southernwolf.net/ Southern Wolf

    The best wishes of conservative Americans are with the Egyptian people and the Egyptian government during this time of trouble caused by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. We are not responsible for the positions of the U.S. government.

    • Bobad

      thank you Wolf, you have our respect !

  • mohammad_allam

    The best way to remove Sisi,President and Islamist leave demand of Morsi,install another leader from Mursi party to save Egypt from making Afghanistan,Iraq etc.Other wise forget the unity of Egypt .As now the Policy of Israel,America and allies is to create failed state in Islamic countries particularly in Middle East to facilitate the security of Israel and end of the hope for state of Palestine.

  • Tahir

    The press conference was totally an extension of rhetoric of coup regime. The Sisi should resigned to pave the way for political dialogue. What coup regime is doing had already done by Mubarik regime in his last days. Using media, burning churches by state to accuse others, orchestrating fake counter demos, labelling other as terrorists were the tactics of Mubarik in his last days and now the same is used by the current coup leaders. But the military leaders should remind that all this had failed now. I have an earnest request to Al-Sisi “Please resign and be kind to your people so that you can evade a prosecution in future.”

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  • kamalemara

    it is not a waste of time . it is not lost in translation . it is the first time to sit all ears with wide open eyes listening and admiring this gentleman . he is able to confront others with an alert mind not hesitant . he can grasp what the implied meaning of the speaker is in no time .he speaks explicitly fearing no one . he has such dignity that embodies that one of all egyptians . we need a lot of men like him to expose the truth of the catastrophic situation . we need a powerful means of media to show other the brutality of the M B .

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  • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

    Many Americans stand with, and send prayers for the people of Egypt. We do not support the Muslim Brotherhood as our so called president does.

  • JettieG

    God bless the people of beautiful Egypt. Egypt first for you.

  • Mahmud Abdullah

    It is evident that ‘Egypt is not a weak state’ now; it is strong enough to massacre thousands of unarmed civilians.

    • Genie BENGHAZI Smith

      The videos we are seeing in the US do not show “unarmed civilians.” They show heavily armed Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi supporters fighting against the authorities. The Muslim Brotherhood’s lies and evil actions are catching up with them, and the people of America are paying attention even if the idiots in our leftist media and government are not.

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