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Tamarod gives Morsi until Tuesday to step down

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The campaign warns of a complete civil disobedience if demands are not met


Protesters heading to the Presidential Palace on 30 June Mohamed omar

Protesters heading to the Presidential Palace on 30 June
Aaron T. Rose

Tamarod (Rebellion) campaign issued its first statement of “the revolution”, early Monday morning, demanding President Mohamed Morsi step down by Tuesday at 5pm.

The statement called upon all state and security apparatus “police, army and judiciary” to side with the “people’s will…clearly displayed in the different squares in Egypt on Sunday,” in reference to the millions who took to the streets demanding the ousting of Morsi.

The campaign assured that they will continue their sit-in in the different squares and assured its peacefulness.

The statement continued on, refusing any “middle ground” or any alternative to the “peaceful conclusion of the Brotherhood’s rule, represented in President Morsi and the calls for early presidential elections.”

The campaign threatened that if demands are not met by Tuesday afternoon, calls for civil disobedience will begin throughout the country ,together with an invitation to the people to besiege the presidential palace.

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