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Public prosecution investigates Alexandria clashes

The Muslim Brotherhood blames Tamarod for attacking party offices and a mosque, while Tamarod accuses Morsi supporters of attacking them

Clashes between Tamarod petition campaigners and Morsi supporters in Alexandria. (Photo by Ahmed Almalky/DNE)
Clashes between Tamarod petition campaigners and Morsi supporters in Alexandria.
(Photo by Ahmed Almalky/DNE)

Public prosecution in Alexandria began investigating the clashes that erupted Wednesday night. Violence between the Tamarod movement and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi escalated in Alexandria, leaving eight injured.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria accused Tamarod of commencing a violent campaign by trapping members of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party in Al-Tawheed Mosque and attacking the party’s offices.

The Brotherhood’s statement accused Tamarod of continuing acts of violence, as the Black Bloc and the National Salvation Front had done before them.

Khaled Al-Qady, a spokesman in Alexandria for the petition movement calling for early presidential elections, claimed that supporters of the president attacked members of the Tamarod campaign and broke into their offices.

Those who broke into Tamarod’s Alexandria office stole a laptop, a bag with petitions, and left five volunteers injured, according to Al-Qady.

He also alleged attackers were armed with firearms and knives. The spokesman also denied that anyone from his campaign had attacked Al-Tawheed Mosque, saying supporters of the president had retreated inside the mosque and were firing ammo from inside.

This is not the first time Islamist supporters of President Morsi have accused Tamarod of spreading violence. During a press conference on Wednesday, Chairman of Al-Wasat Party Abul Ela Madi alleged that Tamarod was planning to use violence during 30 June demonstrations.

Earlier last week FJP member Gamal Heshmat blamed members of Tamarod for attacking his home in Damanhur.

The Tamarod movement has denied accusations of sparking violence.

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