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Review: Op-eds warn from expected violence

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Several writers have warned of more expanding violence in the coming period. Some commentaries advised President Mohamed Morsi to announce an initiative to combat violence and stop listening to the instructions of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Security and law

Amr Rabei Hashem

Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

5-1 Amro Rabie Hashem

The recent incidents of violence that erupted in Egypt over the past few weeks signify Egypt’s deteriorating situation, states Hashem. Violence has turned from separate incidents to an expanding phenomenon. Although Egyptians hate violence by nature, it seems that there is a new generation coming of age with the aim of taking revenge and engaging in brutal battles against opponents. Therefore, state security is crucial amid the ongoing political crisis. Hashem looks into the blunders of the current administration and the extent to which the security apparatus has fallen apart.

Egypt is in a dire need of establishing laws which tighten security; otherwise the society will turn into a wild forest, Hashem states.   The country needs security that is not designed by or dedicated to a certain political party or group. Besides, Egyptians need to unify their efforts in restoring failing institutions in the country, especially the police forces.

When the 25 January Revolution erupted, it started against the police and security and thus led to a complete dismissal of security in Egypt. Hashem concludes his article stating that Egyptian society needs to unite with the country’s institutions to take a step forward away from the growing chaos.


The president’s fingers

Mohamed Essmat

Al-Shorouk newspaper

Mohamed Ismat

Essmat warns of more expected violence to take place in Egypt in the coming period. He starts off his column criticising President Mohamed Morsi’s latest speech held during the newly-launched initiative that supports the rights and freedoms of women. Essmat states that Morsi has mistakenly thought that he will manage to spot whoever triggers violence in the country.

However, he rather needs to announce for a new initiative to combat violence. Morsi’s speech, in columnist’s viewpoint, came as instructed by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is apparently preparing Egypt for a civil war similar to that in Syria. For violence to end in Egypt, Essmat suggests that Morsi should focus on sending those responsible for the latest clashes in Moqattam to trials instead of believing that the violence that erupted last Friday will not be repeated.

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