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FJP leader urges Morsy to declare a state of emergency

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El-Beltagy cites current clashes as he calls for emergency laws

Mohamed El-Beltagy, one of the top nominees to become the new president of the Freedom and Justice Party Hassan Ibrahim / DNE

Mohamed El-Beltagy.
Hassan Ibrahim / DNE

Freedom and Justice Party and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El-Beltagy has urged President Mohamed Morsy to declare a state of emergency, as a result of the latest violent clashes.

In an official statement, he criticised the ministers of interior and defence for not ending the killing of innocent Egyptians and the cutting off of roads and bridges. He stated that it is their “duty” to intervene immediately to face off with “this thuggery” using all “legitimate” methods, including the declaration of a state of emergency.

He warned them that “God, history and the people” will hold them accountable if they do not firmly stand up to the latest acts of theft, murder and arson.

He asserted that the above action is “agreed upon” regardless of political stance and is of no relation to “peaceful protest”.

El-Beltagy is a former member of parliament and vehemently protested against former President Hosni Mubarak’s use of the emergency law.

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