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Violence escalates in Suez

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Security burns civilian cars after news of dead personnel

Five killed and tens injured as violence in Suez escalates (Photo by Hassan Ghoneima/DNE)

Five killed and tens injured as violence in Suez escalates (Photo by Hassan Ghoneima/DNE)

And Hassan Ghonema

Central Security Forces (CSF) withdrew from the Suez governorate building after news of the death of security personnel.

Angry security forces smashed and burnt civilians’ cars deliberately amid security instructions to refrain from shooting at protesters.

Five were killed and tens injured when unknown assailants fired randomly at protesters and security officers.

CSF destroyed all cars on Galaa’ Street which extends between the governorate building and Shohada’ Street. Officers also torched five cars causing panic among citizens, according to our correspondent Hassan Ghoneima.

Most who were injured were discharged from Suez General Hospital after receiving treatment.

  • Reda Sobky

    yes, “maghooleen” are causing major mischief by shooting at everybody and then running off. Who are these people? security must find out asap who murdered our brothers who work in the police, they are also victims of this violence and it is obvious the demonstrators were not armed, then who is it who did this? It keeps happening and we don’t know who it is who is doing it. The police and the opposition need to be like one in catching and exposing these murderers, nobody should accept these horrible acts and the most intense investigation needs to happen and those who turn out to be the murderers and those behind them must be exposed and punished.

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