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Egypt files complaint against The Times

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The Times has yet to respond to the allegations

The Egyptian embassy in London has filed a complaint on behalf of the government against The Times newspaper. The complaint is in response to an article The Times ran which alleged Iran was aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in creating their own secret service agency and holding secret meetings with the president’s assistant Essam El-Haddad.

The complaint was made on the grounds of the  violation of newspaper standards and accuracy. At the time of publication the Times have not published a retraction or reaction.

The Times said that the alleged meeting is proof that the Brotherhood is attempting to enslave Egypt in a theocracy.

The government denied ever having held talks with the Iranian Al-Quds brigade leader Qassem Suleimani, arguably one of the world’s most elusive characters. El-Haddad released a statement through the Egyptian embassy in London denying the visit, and adding that Egypt was “concerned that a respectable news outlet such as The Times would fail to uphold basic journalistic standards.”

The Brotherhood also denied senior members had confirmed the meeting, calling the report a fabrication. Suleimani also denied the meeting ever took place through the Iranian Fars news agency.

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Luiz Sanchez

Luiz Sanchez


Luiz is a Brazilian journalist in Cairo @luizdaVeiga

  • Dr. Reda Sobky

    It is natural to deny this kind of activity but the message is clear,”any approach to Iran will be viewed with suspicion” as the nightmare of Egypt now is an Iran like theocracy. It is a huge responsibility to govern and it is clear the current group in Iran has failed to deliver and so everybody is afraid if the Egypt group goes down that road the same outcome will obtain. Trust us is not enough, i think earning confidence is much more stable and that confidence can be earned by stopping this thing of saying one thing and then breaking it easily without even acknowledging the broken promise. I think this group was not ready for prime time and are thus faltering but the Emarty/Saudi group is in such panic over Iran retaliating if Israel and/or USA attack they want Egyptian F16 coverage and hence the 20 billion promise. Very complicated I assure you but needs discussion.

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