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Muslim Brotherhood call for million man march

Two rival marches will be held on Tuesday

MB called for a million-men march on Tuesday in Abdeen Square. (AFP PHOTO)
MB called for a million-men march on Tuesday in Abdeen Square. (AFP PHOTO)

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) are calling for two protests this week in support of decisions President Mohamed Morsy made on Thursday.

In a statement released on Saturday, the Muslim Brotherhood called for protests in all governorates on Sunday, as well as a million man march on Tuesday in Abdeen Square.  The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood said that they will not be participating in the million man march, according to FJP spokesperson, Walid Haddad.

The MB calls for protests come after anti-Morsy demonstrators made calls for protests on Tuesday. Several tents are already up in Tahrir Square and 14 political groups have so far announced that they will take part in Tuesday protests. The protesters are demanding the reversal of the constitutional declaration, which Morsy announced on Thursday.

Abdeen Square is only a few kilometres from Tahrir Square, sparking fears that clashes may erupt between the two groups.

On Thursday night, Morsy’s constitutional declaration stated that the killers of the protesters under the former regime will be re-tried, and that the decisions of the president cannot be subject to appeal. While the MB say the declaration achieves a set of the revolution’s demands and was welcomed by the majority of the people, many have taken to the streets in objection. On Friday, Tahrir Square was filled with people who opposed the declaration, while Morsy supporters gathered at the presidential palace to show support for the president.

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  • Ramy

    Mursi is very funny how can he call for a million man march, he is so corrupt i feel he is going to be the cause of tension between 2 groups who are really 1 (the egyptian people). The majority are against Mursi he needs to see the picture and that he’s hated, today in Egypt i saw Islamists who are against Mursi this shows how much the people have had enough of him and the muslim brotherhood. I am Muslim and i don’t need a corrupted government hiding behind a cause or religion to tell me how to live my life, religion is religion and law is law. My opinion is, the Egyptian people need to wake up and ask them to leave, a establishment who keeps lying and are making illegal political moves are not fit and will not be fit to run a democratic country. It’s now or never, people go down and get your rights and freedom is this why we asked Mubarak to leave? I will be at the million man march!!!!

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