Coptic presidential assistant decides to resign, presidential team holds urgent meeting

Rana Allam
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Presidential Assistant Samir Morcos decides to resign
Presidential Assistant Samir Morcos decides to resign

Prompted by President Mohamed Morsy’s latest power-grabbing declaration, Coptic presidential assistant Samir Morcos is resigning, motivating the presidential team to call an urgent meeting for Saturday.

Presidential sources told Daily News Egypt that Morcos has not yet officially resigned to the president, but has made a “final decision” following Morsy’s new constitutional declaration.

Morcos’ decision was said to have come after he was not consulted regarding Morsy’s latest decisions.

Sources said the presidential team will hold an urgent meeting tomorrow to “decide on the steps ahead and how to deal with the current division in the country.”

On Thursday Morsy granted himself sweeping powers placing his decisions beyond judicial review, appointed a new prosecutor general, allowed two more months for the Constituent Assembly to finish writing the draft constitution and forbade the judiciary from dissolving the assembly or the Shura Council.

Ayman Al-Sayyad, a presidential adviser, earlier tweeted that he had not contributed to Morsy’s latest constitutional declaration.

Meanwhile, thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square demonstrating against Morsy, his latest constitutional declaration and the Muslim Brotherhood. Hundreds of pro-Morsy protesters appeared in front of Al-Ithadiya Presidential Palace, where Morsy was shortly expected to address the nation early on Friday evening.

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