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Egypt’s unpaved road to austerity

“Just as we should never balance the budget on the backs of the poor, it’s an economic delusion to think you can balance it only on the wallets of the rich.” This seemed to be the beautified confession that the then UK chancellor of the exchequer and austerity guru George Osborne made to the Conservative …

Hussein Keshk

Missing middle: the crises of the middle class in Egyptian society

The word “middle” refers to the centre. It is the point that maintains balance and achieves stability. If the middle point breaks down the whole system will collapse. The middle class is the centre of society, which maintains stability and social peace. Therefore, the aim of any government, especially in the developing countries, would be …

Samar Mahmoud

Bureaucracy: when the old school no longer works

Although bureaucracy in management science is evidence of good governmental organisation and usually refers to an administratively disciplined departmental framework, it’s popularly known as the complexity of governmental procedures people in a society have to pass through in order to fulfil their daily needs of documentation, application, and registration throughout their official interactions. This includes …

Metal scene in Egypt under societal attack

The term ‘satanics’ has made its way back again to Egypt, referring to the local metal music community, reminding of some of the underground scene’s darkest day a few years back. It poses the question whether the Egyptian society is really afraid of anything different, especially since the term has made its rounds amongst the …

Khaled Hamdy Elnhas

Is energy-efficient Germany out of our league?

It triggers both fascination and envy to know about other countries achievements in diverse fields, while we in Egypt persistently undergo electricity cuts and water shortages. Now that it is summer time and consumption is skyrocketing, the occurrence of these phenomena is also going to increase. While we use natural gas, diesel, and fuel to …

Nouran Samir

Erratic Echo

With 350 million in the world,10 million in the Middle East, and 7.5 million in Egypt have not only lost their voice and the ability to talk, but they have also been isolated from the world with an ignored language. Sign language, like any other language, earns its importance in erasing the gap between different …

Reem Ali Mahran

Last words

“This is not the life I wanted, so I have to say goodbye.” “Sorry mummy, I couldn’t bear it anymore, I’m in another life now.” “I’m writing my own destiny, my own end.” Have you ever imagined that you may read a note like this written by someone you love? The note may appear on …

Aya Azmy

The future is in our hands: why Egypt needs gender equality

Unfortunately, it will come as no surprise to those of you reading this that women are treated as less equal than men in Egypt. Although this inequality is a global phenomenon, it is more prominent and widespread across the Arab world and in Egypt. The proof lies before our own eyes everyday: your grandmother who …

Malak Maurice

Egypt’s economic crisis and the need for a change in policies

“It’s the economy, stupid” was the original phrase which James Carville coined as a lead strategist for Bill Clinton’s successful presidential campaign in 1992 against the then sitting president George H. W. Bush. Its effect was magical. In 1991, 90% of polled Americans approved of Bush’s performance days after American troops moved to defeat Saddam …

Hussein Keshk

Orlando’s shooting in the eyes of Arabs

  Trembling souls aching for survival, for a second chance. In their eyes there is horror; their memories rushing through their minds faster than the blood rushing to their hearts. They plead, they beg, they cry. To be the one holding their destinies, regrets, and dreams in your hands and still find it in your …

Yarah El-Gerzawii

Mental Health in Egypt

If you ever want to ride a microbus to Abbaseya, you won’t have to stop each passing vehicle and ask whether the driver is heading there; it’s a lot easier than that. All drivers heading to Abbaseya do the same signal: raising one arm to head level and rotating the fingers in head’s direction. We …

Engy Ashraf

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