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Yemenis protest on war anniversary as conflict persists

Former president Saleh said that he wants peace with Saudi Arabia without…

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Campaign launched to support stranded Yemenis in Egypt

Around 6,000 individuals have been stuck since flights were suspended following Saudi-led…

Emir Nader Emir Nader

In Photos: Yemenis in Egypt turn calls for return home to Egyptian Foreign Ministry

Yemenis stranded in Egypt continued protesting their forced stay, this time at…

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Stranded Yemenis in Egypt protest embassy ‘lies’

Amid heavy security presence, angry Yemenis accuse their embassy of lying over…

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Yemenis stuck in Egypt continue requests for help

Yemenis attempt to ward off internal tensions to remain unified in common…

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Names of 55 Guantánamo detainees released

US Department of Justice discloses list of 55 prisoners cleared for release

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