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Egypt removes 25 million mines planted during World War II

According to a statement by the spokesperson for the Egyptian army, this

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This is probably the most dangerous situation we have had in Europe since World War II: Swedish Ambassador

If Russia invaded Ukraine, the impacts will be very serious, affecting the

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Never again: 75 years since the end of the World War II

Ukraine commemorates 8 May as a Remembrance and Reconciliation Day. This day

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A Hidden Life: refusing to take oath of allegiance to dictatorship

A Hidden Life follows the real-life story of Austrian farmer Franz Jägerstätter

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

A World War II veteran secures the world’s oldest scuba diver at 95

He first visited shipwreck in 1982, not knowing that years later he

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Unexpected Nazi-era legacy: Fish tumors

Scientists have found a high rate of tumors in flatfish in the

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Japanese-Russian ties: Is Tokyo bound to be disappointed?

Japan and Russia are pushing ahead with new plans to develop infrastructure

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UK tries to make up for burying explosives in Egypt’s western desert

Ambassador John Casson said UK allocated $10m to remove landmines in Egypt

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

2 killed in explosion of World War II remnants

17m landmines were left in the Western Desert; 155 sqkm were cleared

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