Employment, detention, and registration: On Syrian refugees in Egypt

Dozens still held in prison in Alexandria despite release order

Jihad Abaza Jihad Abaza

Arab foreign ministers discuss regional issues in Cairo

Al-Sisi and Shoukry conduct several meetings addressing regional issues including the situations…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

“The Ice Bucket Challenge” inspires a solidarity campaign with Gaza

Instead of ice water, a stand-up comedian used sand and dust to…

Marwa Morgan Marwa Morgan

‘Crying need for financial support’ in Gaza: UNRWA Commissioner General

Krähenbühl says “Palestinians are not statistics”

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

‘Out of Place’: The Palestinian definition of home

Violent experiences of losing home leave Palestinian families with “contradicting emotions” and…

Marwa Morgan Marwa Morgan

Another UN school hit after Israel moves to next stage of operation

Israeli military concludes that Israeli soldier suspected to have been captured in…

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

‘Mounting evidence’ of ‘war crimes’ in Gaza conflict: Amnesty

Gaza death toll soars over 1,650 as more bodies are pulled from…

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20,000 people in Syria’s Yarmuk camp face starvation

Yarmuk soon became a war zone too, as Syrians taking up arms…

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Refugees from Syria released

Despite conflicting figures all parties agree most refugees from Syria have been…

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Palestinian-Syrians announce sit-in at embassy

Representatives of Palestinian-Syrian refugees say the embassy has failed them

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