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Trump, racism, and other stuff

International and local media, as well as social networks, circulated the executive order issued by US president Donald Trump which banned people from numerous Muslim-majority countries to enter the US. Many tried to analyse the decision and came up with different results, while no one has bothered to read the decision itself or analyse it …

International and local media, as well as social networks, circulated the executive order issued by US president Donald Trump which banned people from numerous Muslim-majority countries to enter the US. Many tried to analyse the decision and came up with different results, while no one has bothered to read the decision itself or analyse it objectively away from political polarisation.

In the following lines, I will discuss the decision from my point of view.

First: is Trump racist? The answer would be yes. In my opinion, he is racist against non-US citizens and foreigners in general. He is racist against people of colour and sexist towards women, including American women. Trump’s racism has been readily apparent starting from his presidential election campaign until his inauguration.

Secondly, I do not defend Trump or anyone else. In my opinion, there is no one worse than Trump, except Hillary Clinton.

Now, let us discuss the decision.

In 2015, former president Barack Obama’s administration issued a decision that banned the travel of “terrorists” and labelled Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Iran as “Countries of Particular Concern” based on CIA and FBI reports at the time. Trump has just reactivated this previous decision, although he has retroactively expanded the application of the ban.

The decision did not ban Muslims particularly from entering the US, as the Democratic party and its media claimed, notably the CNN satellite channel. Actually, the decision postponed the entry of citizens from the seven Muslim-majority countries to the US for a 90-day period and 120-day period for refugees, so as to examine each case carefully, with the exception of Syria which has no specific limit on the ban. The decision aims to create an integrated database for all visa applicants from these countries in accordance with the third item of the resolution. The decision also provided some exceptions, including diplomats who hold diplomatic passports, NATO employees, politicians, and state officials, as well as all employees in international organisations who hold the G1, G2, G3, G4, and G5 visas.

There are many Muslim-majority countries such as Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Nigeria, and others which were not listed in the decision. Actually, Trump’s decision did not name any country specifically other than Syria. It only made mention of the countries of particular concern set by the Obama administration in 2015.

How did we not hear of this resolution from the previous administration?

It is because of two main reasons; the first is the global media that supported the policies of the Obama administration at the time. The second reason is that the Obama administration did not apply the resolution to those who received permanent residence; it targeted people who were applying after the resolution was issued in 2015.

Trump decided to apply the resolution retroactively even to those who already received their visas and permanent residences before the issuance of the resolution and even expanded it to those who have dual nationalities. While US citizens with dual nationalities were spared, it has nevertheless created a crisis for a lot of families, and even for international airports in the US.

The federal court’s decision to partially ignore this resolution was mainly due to the retroactive application, as the resolution violates the fifth amendment of the US constitution. The federal court is scheduled to hold a hearing session later this month.

The media reported German chancellor Angela Merkel’s request to president Trump to respect the Geneva Convention, and here I must clarify a legal point. The concept of state sovereignty in accordance with the rules of international law states that the state has the absolute right to accept or refuse the entry of any foreigner to its territory without giving reasons. No international treaty or agreement is contrary to this concept. The Geneva Convention includes the need to treat war-zone refugees humanely and to provide possible assistance without addressing any way to force any state to accept their entry into its territory against its will.

Merkel’s policies have been met with fierce opposition because her decision to open German borders to a large number of refugees has been met with hate crimes and peculiar behaviours in German society.

Finally, before criticising Trump’s racism and the rights of refugees, we must ask ourselves an important question: who made these people refugees and why do we shape the vast majority of refugees in the world while we are the sons of the richest area on the globe? The answer lies in our racism, our wars, and our unwillingness to accept each other as we are, to live together or have the minimum amount of tolerance for one another.

The Democratic party’s policies and the rule of Obama over the last eight years has brought the entire region to where we are now.

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  • Reform

    I’m afraid the article is so fragmented and tends to portray the author as ‘politically confused’. Clearly you’re entitled to your own opinion, as everyone else, however your assertions are wrong on many fronts: (1) There is nothing called ‘racist against foreigners’ it’s called ‘nationalist’. (2) Trump is not racist, he played that card to win certain segment of the society who are racist, not that all his supporters are, only a small minority. (3) stating that ‘no one is worse than Trump except Hillary’ is rather simplistic and naive for a ‘professor’; there are 100’s of potential candidates who are much worse than both. (4) it’s not a ‘muslim ban’ otherwise the Saudi terrorists incubators who caused 911 will be the 1st on the list!

    • Mark Otoopee

      While I agree with you that the article is fragmented, I do agree with the author in some of his assertions. I do believe that Trump is a racist. He and his father settled a major discrimination law suit because they did not want blacks in their properties. They fought it in the courts, but ultimately settled. Trump did not play the race card to win, he orchestrated an entire deck of racists cards to win. From inflammatory remarks about Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, and immigrants to now policies that make these remarks a reality. If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, It is a duck.
      Let’s also not forget who Trump voters are and how they have acted over the years. They’d rather see America ruined than lose their privilege. Make no mistake about it, this past election was all about preserving white privilege in America. Race has always been the underpinning of American politics since Barry Goldwater. They may dress it up as conservatism and conservative ideas, but it is pure racism as evidenced by Trump voters who did not give a damn about conservative ideas, they justed wanted a racist – someone a little short of a grand wizard to take America back to where white privilege was tacitly accepted and codified into some laws.
      The ban is a “Muslim Ban”, it may not include all Muslims from all Muslim countries but it only focuses on Muslims. It did not include Buddhists, Christians or Jews from the banned countries – Just Muslims. Sorry Reform, It is naïve to think the ban is not about Muslims.

      • Reform

        While I do not deny that racism is on the rise, not only in the US but in Europe and elsewhere, I attribute it to economic hardships. Although the US economy has improved under Obama, primarily for collage-educated groups, it has left the working class either under-water or worse-off after the last recession. With economic hardship come tribalism and exclusions. Trump deviously cashed in on this unfortunate situation, he’s an opportunist.

        As to the US politics, I don’t agree it’s about race as you concluded, it’s about ‘winning at any cost’ regardless of the consequences; racism, gender issues, and inequality all are byproducts of what has become the gladiators’ games of our era. Sadly Europe is experimenting with this approach too.

        Now the tough part, Muslims in the US and Europe; especially recent migrants, they despise all the cultural values of the West, yet they want to migrate there, for economic opportunities, while continuing to object to Western values; if this is the case, the West would be better off without them and frankly they would be better off out too!

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