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Exhibition Haphazardly Crosses Space Time1

Figurative Encounters: Exhibition Haphazardly Crosses Space, Time

Born in 1911, Egyptian national artist Salah Taher has lived through many important periods of world history and modern Egyptian milestones. Among many impressive years of work and created collections, Taher is well known for his ‘tribal communities’ series, where the artist masterfully and romantically combined human figurative outlines with the layered and flowing fabric …

Henry H.C. Woo

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Space, time and the Elbphilharmonie

Music is the most ephemeral of the arts: hardly has a note sounded out, and it’s gone. But sounds from the opening of the Elbphilharmonie are still going through the head of DW music editor Rick Fulker.My seat was in one of the balconies the equivalent of several storeys above the stage. The vertical quality …

Deutsche Welle

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Katarina Witt: the glitter and the gold

Just a few weeks before her 50th birthday, the German figure skating sensation Katarina Witt releases a book on her life. Discover the highlights of her career in pictures. “Time” magazine once described her as “the most beautiful face of socialism.” Katarina Witt made an impression on the world like no other East German female …

Deutsche Welle

Adel new1

Cultural curfew

The concept of time in Egypt is stretchable in ways that defy logic to most recent arrivals, but after a few unfortunate mishaps we usually catch up and adjust accordingly.

Adel Heine